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How Lai Muhammed, NOA Failing PMB – Ambassador Coomassie

The Deputy National Coordinator, North, Buhari Campaign Organisation Ambassador Hussaini I. Coomassie said the Minister of Information, Alhaji Lai Muhammed and the Director General of National Orientation Agency, Dr.

Garba Abari among others are not effective in their duties and call for their immediate replacement.

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Ambassador Coomassie that was involved in door-to-door campaign and massive grassroot education during the last presidential campaign for President Muhammadu Buhari in the 19 northern states of Nigeria made this known to the Publisher/Managing Editor,, Abdulrahman Obaje during an interactive session in Abuja recently while discussing about the purported leaked new cabinet members list of President Muhammadu Buhari. adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Ambassador Coomassie that was bitter about the poor outing of some of the ministries, departments and agencies in the PMB’s administration made particular references to the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Information, National Orientation Agency among others, as some of the MDAs that are under-performing, needing to be over-hauled.

“If you ask me what and what do I have to contribute to PMB’s administration if appointed. I would say that the area I want the government to look critically into is the orientation. National Orientation Agency is dead. To the best of my knowledge, as if we don’t have anything like that. The achievement of this government is beyond your imagination, yet many don’t even know what PMB’s administration has done so far due to the laxity of that agency of the government. It is weak and so I would emphasize that government should look into NOA. If it is leadership problem, the government should change the leadership.”

“And depending on the department or agency I am appointed to, I would use my experience and knowledge as somebody with background in security and diplomacy, I can assure you that I will perform excellently in any area I am assigned to, except technocratic position such as the judiciary, I would definitely not perform well because I am not a Lawyer. But within my areas of expertise, anywhere I am appointed to, I will perform my duty creditably to the satisfaction of PMB.”

When asked if Ambassador Coomassie having criticized NOA, Ministry of Information and others would be able to manage NOA for instance.

His reaction was, “perfectly!”

he said that, “The National Orientation Agency assignment is very straight forward. Having been aligned with the government, all you have to do as NOA is proper and adequate mass education of the general public about the activities of the government.”

“So, if I am opportuned to be at the helms of affairs at NOA for instance, not only in nigeria would there be awareness concerning what the government is doing, in fact, the entire world would be aware of what the president is doing”, he continued.

“During my interactions with some of the MDAs such as the Ministry of water resources, Ministry of works and housing, ministry of transportation, I got to know that the National Orientation Agency is completely dead.

We need to reawake it and to me, the leadership has failed. The man should take a bow and go. If I am opportuned to head that place, I would do more. I would make sure that there is adequate exposure of the good work of the government in the public domain”

“it is shameful really for people to walk up to you and ask you, name one project of the PMB administration. It is very embarrasing when there are tens of projects scattered all over the country to show”

“When a PDP member and a friend of mine asked me, I said, No, I don’t have a project, I have tens of project to show. Is it the various irrigation project that are going on. is it the railway projects that are going on? is it the power project that are going? Is it the rehabilitation of roads and airports that are going on? What about the farmers and the various empowerment programmes going?

“I can go on and on. but because the ministry of information and the NOA have failed in their duties to inform the general public, that is why many people are not aware of such projects and their importance to our overall development as a nation.”, he continued.

It was gathered by that having considered the achievements and the contributions of Ambassador Coomassie, he is been fingered for appointment in the President Muhammadu Buhari’s Administraton in his second term in office. opportunity, he has confided in some close allies of PMB to be willing to take when tit present itself.

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Abdulrahman Obaje
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