COVID-19: community leaders intensify community sensitization as authorities’ strife to contain pandemic.

The Etsu Jikwoyi, His Royal Highness, Reverend (Dr) Bawa S. Jetta has call on all the inhabitants of Jikwoyi, Abuja Municipal Area Council, AMAC, Abuja and it environs to abide by the Federal Government and FCT stay at home order, and other directives announced in a bid to curb the menace of the dreaded and ravaging COVID-19 also known as Corona-virus.

He made this call in a meeting he summoned at his palace at Jikwoyi with his council members comprising of women leaders, community leaders, association leaders, youth leaders, security agencies, etc.

Etsu Jikwoyi said “This coronavirus or COVID-19 is a serious disease and sensitization is paramount to fighting it. We must abide by the federal government and FCT directives in order to protect ourselves and ultimately defeat it.

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Etsu Jetta, a revered, committed and dedicated Christian faithful enjoins other Christian faithful to shun congregational church services this weekend and other public gathering for now.

“Even, there is no going to be church services next Sunday, except if there is a situation change between now and then’”, he said.

Police spoke person, O. S. Michael also admonished everybody to abide by the Federal Government and FCT directives on effort to curb the menace of the coronavirus as there is going to be far reaching enforcement of directives.

He said, “everybody should abide by the Federal Government and FCT directives as we are going to start enforcing it, especially on gatherings soonest possible.”

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“Only two people are allowed to sit inside keke napep and nobody should sit beside the rider. People should not gather more than the directed numbers and people should observe good hygiene.” He added.

In a frantic effort to contain COVID-19 diseases endemic, the Federal Government has closed all borders, given stay at home directive to all civil servant below grade level 12 in addition to the closure of all schools.

The Federal Government enjoins people to maintain social distancing and shun gathering of more than forty people.

COVID-19 disease is an active pandemic that has ravaged more than 192 countries and colonies, with over 468, 644 cases and over 21, 191 death worldwide.

In Nigeria, 51 cases and 1 death have been recorded so far.

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