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WHEN WIND BLOWS: Who are and will be the true and sincere stakeholder in Nigeria?

Nigerians, politicians and political party’s manifestoes has not, and will not work here in Nigeria in the nearest future, going by the current status quo.

All our current crop of Public servants (elected and appointed) does not have any stake in our Public sectors.

Like the two women, laying claim to one child during King Solomon’s reign, as recorded in the Scriptures, the woman who truly owns the child, having a stake on the child’s welfare and well-being, refused for the child to be shared into two. While the other woman who don’t have any stake on the child, agreed for it to be shared.

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Until and unless we shop for those who are willing to have their stake in our Public sectors, those occupying our Public space will always agree for our own child to be shared. adsbygoogle || []).push({});

How do we get those that will have a stake in our Public sectors? It’s when we insist that whoever will occupy our Public space, MUST patronize all our Public Institutions, Facilities, Systems and Infrastructures.

And the starting point is, for them to have their own children and wards in our Public Schools. What they are doing now is, like some cook who are not willing or ready to savour the taste of the meal they prepare and serve. Who among us will be willing to eat such meal, and continue to engage the services of such cook?

Anything short of this, will amounts to business as usual.

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