When Wind Blows: Regulatory Failures All Over The Place

I don’t seem to get it. Almost all our regulatory bodies in Nigeria, are busy telling us what is going wrong in the sectors they are regulating, instead of tackling the wrongs.

If we are not aware of the wrongs, will the regulatory bodies be set up in the first place?

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) is busy telling us, it’s the duty of the Distribution Companies (DISCOs) to meter consumers, that the DISCOs are not following their estimated billing methodology.

And are yet tackle the DISCOs and compel them to meter every consumer. Rather there is this back and forth, over whose duty or responsibility it is, to meter consumers.

The EFCC is also telling us how fraudsters are also inside the banks, and are assisting politicians to launder money for them. Meanwhile, the EFCC has never been able to tell us, how much they have recovered from EACH of the person they said they have been able to obtain convictions on, over time.

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The NCC is also telling us how kidnappers are using pre-registered SIM cards to perpetrate their crimes. And it’s because of their regulatory lapses, that unregistered SIM cards were activated in our GSM Network provider’s platforms, from the very beginning. Which has birthed the menace of the pre-registered SIM cards. Instead of making sure, no Pre-registered SIM card, and unidentified persons can access our Telecoms platforms, they are narrating the problem.

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The Federal Mortgage Bank and/or the Ministry of Power, Works & Housing are telling us of about 17 Million housing deficit in Nigeria. Whereas, the National Housing Fund (NHF) has Billions of naira in its kitty, the funds are being disbursed to estates developers, whose houses, majority of the NHF contributors cannot afford them. So, there are empty houses all over the place, and many NHF contributors don’t have a house of their own. And Shagari built houses all over the places across the country in his era, without any Housing fund in existence then.

For their information, we are aware of the problems before they were established to tackle them. If they don’t have the well with thou, to carry out the tasks, they should tell us. Some among us are ready and willing to tackle some of the challenges head on.

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