Maolid Nabiy: Emulate Leadership Style of Prophet Muhammad – Imam Aliagan To Nigerian Leaders

The founder of Ashraaf Islamic Foundation, Imam Sharafudeen Aliagan has charged Nigerian Leaders to emulate and learn from the leadership and life style of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), in their day to day leadership role.

Aliagan, during the 3rd Annual Maolid Nabiy of Ashraaf Islamic Foundation in conjunction with Al-Aqsoh International Islamic School, Abuja reiterated that the love of the holy prophet Muhammad (SAW) and the emulation of his leadership and way of life is the ultimate route to salvation.

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Aliagan said, “Let me say that if we all comply with the divine law, if we all agree with Allah, if we have not be in disagreement with the law of Allah subh anau wa tahala our life would not have been this way. push({});

“Let me first state that love of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his life, his biography is not too far from the biography of Jesus Christ.

“Jesus Christ is God-sent messenger, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is a God-sent messenger. To Muslims, the greatest messenger of Allah is Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and if we learn from him, it will only better our life, it will only perfect our endeavours.

“So, to our Governors, to our leaders, they should not forget that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was the President, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was the Governor, and he was a Leader. He was never a Ruler. There is difference between being a leader and a ruler.

“And I want to say that if all our leaders should emulate the like of the politics of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), the like of leadership of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), the like of governances of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), they would lead us better and it would take us to the promise land. And the only person they can see as their role model remains the holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

“If they learn more about his leadership, his biography, his life, his humility, his type of leadership, they would surely lead us to the promise land.

Expanciating on the benefits of love, especially, the love of Prophet Muhammed (SAW), Imam Aliagan said that, “Alhamdulilahi robili alamin. When you look around as a Muslim in Islamic monotheism, when you have believe in the Almighty Allah Subhu anau wata ala, you are also expected, and required to have strong believe in the messenger-ship of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and if you must follow someone’s way, if you must emulate someone, if you must learn from someone, if you must copy someone, you must fall in love with such a person and when you now fall in love with the holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW), you would be able to follow his way. His way is Islam, his way is Al-Qur’an, his way is the way of Allah and when you follow that way, it would take you to salvation.

“When you have a teacher in the class, the more you have love for your teacher, the more you would understand what he teaches you.

“So, the love of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is part of Islam. It is part of faith as far as Islamic monotheism is concerned.

“So, that is why the theme came up under Ashraaf Islamic Foundation in conjunction with Al-Aqso Islamic International School that the love of the holy Prophet Muhammed (SAW) which is part of our deen, which is part of Islam, which is required by Allah is the only way to salvation.

“We are indirectly saying that Islamic monotheism is the only way to salvation. You can never be a good Muslim, a perfect Muslim until you fall in love with the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Until you follow Prophet Muhammad strictly, whole heartedly in totality, you can never find your way to salvation.

“So, the Prophet of Islam is the Messiah, he is the greatest messenger of Allah, Subhu anau wa ta ala and you must fall in love with him and his love will surely take you to salvation because he is the Prophet of Islam, he is the one Allah sent to the whole Universe because he has universal messenger-ship.

The Guest Lecturer, Sheikh Bashir Ibraheem Barhama Gombe also harps on loving, emulating the leadership quality and his life style of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Sheikh Barhama Gombe said, “There is a lot to be emulated from the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). If you look at the issue of governance, our leaders need to look at how passionate, how merciful and compassionate the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) deals with his subjects. He hardly bring something that is burdensome to the ummah, that as a leader, we should have that elements of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

“Secondly, is the issue of equality and fairness. The impartiality in terms of dealing with the affairs of his subjects whereby, irrespective of the political affinity, irrespective of religious affiliation or any sentiment, your subject is supposed to be treated impartial. This is one of the quality of the Prophet Muhammed (SAW).

“Thirdly, the issue of entrenching security in the polity. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) always gives instruction about protection of the lives of the people, protection of the religion, protection of the family, protection of the entire apparatus of life, so with the issue of security, we should borrow a leaf from Prophet Muhammad (SAW).” He continued.

Participants at the event attest to the benefits of Annual Maolid Nabiy.

A participant, Hajia Aisha Ibraheem said, “Alhamdulilahi, I learnt a lot of lessons from here today, because today we are celebrating the birth of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and I am glad to be here because I have learnt a lot.

“Some of the things that I learnt today is that the good deed that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) did and God blessed him, as he blessed him, he blessed we the followers too. So, alhamdulilahi from what I learnt from prophet Muhammed (SAW).”, she concluded.

Maolid Nabiy Celebration is the annual celebration of the Birth of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) by the Muslims faithful.

The celebration entails a lineup of activities that include reading from the Holy Qur’an, Biography of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Lecture, entertainment of guests among other things.

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