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When Wind Blows

When Wind Blows: Whose Responsibility Is It To Take The Bull By The Horn?

The way the likes of Shehu Sani, Ben Murray-Bruce etc. who’re about exiting office are coming up with very nice and lofty ideas, about how to address some of our National governance issues and challenges, is telling me that it’s those of us outside the governance space, that will proffer solutions to these challenges.

As those inside governance won’t say, or do anything about them, even if they know and have the solution(s) to them, while they’re still in office. If not, is it at the point of exit, that the Senators suddenly come to realize that their salaries and allowances are on the highest side, for instance?

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If we are waiting on these people in office to do the needful, without those of us outside making our inputs, we may have to wait till thy Kingdom comes. adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Someone will be saying, how do we effect changes from the outside? The first step is, by saying NO to voice vote. The moment our law makers afford us the privilege of tracking representation, we can then know, who is representing us, and who is not, and show those not representing us the exit door.

Afterwards, we can be coming up with ideas that will move the country forward, for our representatives to pass into law. They are sitting on such laws now, because they are very comfortable with the voice vote, that is shielding them from recognition.

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