Amotekun: Nigeria’s Unresolved National Question, Socio-Political Logjam and Revolutionary Way Forward

By Comrade Ayo Ademiluyi

With the statement credited to Abubakar Malami , the Attorney General of the Federation under the current Major General Muhammadu Buhari-led regime wherein it ascribed illegality to the ” Operation Amotekun ” initiated by the Governors of the six Southwestern Nigeria, there is no let up of agitations by Yoruba nationalist of subjugation by the Northern elite and hegemony.

A lot of questions abound. What does the Operation Amotekun represent for the mass of the working people in the Southwest and across the country? Is there any prospect for working people in supporting Operation Amotekun? What is at really behind the intra-class in-fighting among the ruling elite over Operation Amotekun ?

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First of all, all sections of the ruling elite, across regional divides including the Southwestern Governors all share in the blame for the collapse of education, healthcare and infrastructure that have made life a daily nighmare in Nigeria. adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Soutwest Nigeria , once reputed for high education and healthcare quality have become a ghost of its past. Years of salaries of workers are unpaid , unemployment is at fever pitch and industries have folded up.

The herdsmen crisis and the increase in kidnapping is a direct result of collapse of governance. However, as time as proven, the ruling class make a fortune out of the daily crisis that bedevil the working people.

The Operation Amotekun , in reality , is more a less a tokenism . 120 vehicles were procured for the purpose of “policing” six states. When broken down, 20 vehicles for each state!

There is a counter-argument that the vehicles are for the purpose of policing interior forests and routes. The next question is that : considering the mileage of roads and forests , how can 20 vehicles be able to secure the forests?

The next poser is : what about the remuneration of the hunters and “operatives” of the Oodua People’s Congress who will be used for the exercise. The monthly stipend of N13, 500 was the promised pay!

It should not suprise anyone that the pay is below N30,000 minimum wage , recently enacted into law. Many of the Southwest Governors are yet to implement minimum wage.

The next poser is how do you want to sustain the N13, 500 pay ? It is more a less a flash in the pan .


Nigeria, till date , is a creation of Anglo-American imperialism for the purpose of extraction of raw materials for use of their advanced capitalist economies. Despite the flag independence about six decades ago, Nigeria is still being maintained as a neo-colonial economy for the purpose of sustaining the advanced capitalist countries.

Without any democratic consultation of the ethnic nationalities lumped together to make up Nigeria , imperialism left Nigeria in the hands of a pliant Hausa-Fulani oligarchy after flag independence at the wake of the sixties.

Despite the regionalism of the First Republic, the centre which is the hands of the Hausa-Fulani oligarchy holds the commanding heights of the economy. While there has not been a monolithic North, there has never been a monolithic South. This explains the Uprising of Isaac Adaka Boro of the Niger Delta Republic and the agitations of Joseph Tarka for a Middle Belt Republic.

The struggle for control of the centre saw the ambitious Awolowo in gaol and a rotten alliance across the Niger between Akintola and Tafawa Balewa. By the mid-sixties, the Nigerian contraption is on the brink. A young officers of bullets and blood called a “revolution” was sufficient to ignite a succession of explosive events that led to the Nigerian Civil War between 1967 and 1970.

Years of military rule has opened up to civil rule with practical no fundamental improvement in the living conditions of the working people.

Each section of the ruling class employ the sharp ethnic and religious divides among the working masses in Nigeria in their battle for control and power.

The 2019 general elections was laced with heavy ethnic profiling amidst Voters’ apathy. The Muhammadu Buhari-led regime has bared its fangs repressing activists and democratic rights in the employment of strong-arm tactics to hold on to power amidst degenerating legitimacy.

Operation Amotekun, despite being a tokenist measure is feared by the Hausa-Fulani oligarchy at the centre as a preparation of armament by the Western elite in the coming battle for power. At this stage, it is all what it is : a fear.

Alliance of the Northern and Western bourgoeis elements have kept the Eastern elite perpetually out of power. Good luck Jonathan, from the Niger Delta section is an accident of history. An alliance of the primordial Northern and Western forces knocked him out of power, albeit riding on the false slogan of ” change”.

All the nationalist mobilisation of the working people in the Southwest to queue up behind their Governors must be seen the way it is : a grand deception to employ ethnic vitroil to distract attention from the burning issues of today: education , healthcare , workers’ welfare and genuine solution to security.

However, there are Divisions among the elite of the Southwest in approaching the developing situation. While Tinubu , the bride of the Northern elite in the Southwest is keeping mum in order not to lose face, the traditionalists in Afenifere are crying foul. Some have argued that Tinubu represent a political reincarnation of Akintola in Southwest bourgeois politics. His empire built for a decade is about to collapse as the free-for-all battle for power tears the ruling class apart. That is why an outspoken Kayode Fayemi says the All Progressives Congress cannot be sustainable beyond 2023.

The permanent solution to the national question crisis does not lie with any section of the ruling elite. Nigeria is a prison house of nationalities that can only be forced open by a pan-Nigerian united revolutionary mass of workers and youth linked together in arms across their ethnic and religious divides against their class enemies , who are on the same page , despite their false ethnic and religious shades. The task of building such a united revolutionary mass movement is the task of today.


Going forward, with the weakness of left and revolutionary forces in popular mass organisations including the labour centres, students’ movement and professional groups including the NBA, NMA , how can the much-needed united revolutionary mass Movement can be built?

The key lies in building revolutionary nucleus organisations within these mass popular organisations.

This is the urgent task facing the left and revolutionary movement today. Nucleus organisations are needed to be built in trade unions, Students’ unions and professional associations , including NBA, NMA, etc to recruit and train cadres to reposition the popular organizations as constituent forces in the building of a united mass revolutionary struggle against all sections of the ruling elite.

What must be prioritised is the aggregation of genuine revolutionary forces both on the industrial and political plane to essentially wrestle POWER from all sections of the ruling elite.

AYO ADEMILUYI, lawyer and Revolutionary Activist

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