3 Simple Rule to Maintaining a Healthy Liver

Liver, the largest organ in the human body is very essential owing to the many functions it carries out in the body. Sitting in the right-hand side of the stomach area, Liver makes proteins, blood clotting factors, cholesterol, bile, triglycerides and glycogen synthesis.

Looking at the listed functions of the liver, keeping a healthy Liver is a must if one must live longer.

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As soon as an individual’s Liver enters trouble waters or begin to fail; in another word, symptoms such as abdominal vomiting, swelling and pain, fatigue and weight loss, jaundice, nausea, bleeding and confusion are some of the noticeable symptoms. Liver disease or in medical term, Hepatic disease is a term that is in use to mean problems that can cause the Liver to perform below normal. adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Surprisingly, a significant decrease in liver function often occurs when 75% of Liver Tissue is affected.

In order to avoid destroying three quarters of your Liver Tissues, these are some of the tips to keep your liver healthy and live longer:

Poor Sanitary Habit: Poor hand washing and other sanitary habits may also lead to deteriorating liver condition. Condition such as Hepatitis A is often spread by poor sanitary habits. So, ensure you wash your hands frequently and most especially before touching any food items.

Avoid Intake of Excessive Alcohol: High intake of Alcohol can be toxic to the liver. Alcohol abuse causes liver cirrhosis, an irreversible condition of scarring in the liver that may lead to liver failure. Report have shown that half of the men that consume about 16 cans of beer or shots of liquor per day for 20 years had cirrhosis.

Take Essential Liver Health Promoting Foods: studies have shown that taking particular kinds of food promote liver health. For instance, studies have shown that drinking coffee reduce the risk of cirrhosis and even with a lower risk of death in people living with chronic liver disease.

Tea is also considered to be of great benefit to liver health. though several reports of liver damage as a result of using supplements with green tea extracts abounds, smaller study in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, NAFLD patients shown drinking green tea high in anti0xidants  improved liver enzyme levels and may also reduce fat deposits in the liver and oxidative stress.

Other foods that may improve liver health condition includes nuts, cruciferous vegetables, fatty fish, prickly pear, cranberries and blueberries, olive oil, beetroot juice, grapes and grapefruits.

The liver being an important organ in the body system, therefore natural and healthy way to keep it at utmost function is of utmost importance by avoid anything that would damage it and incorporating liver health promoting foods in the diet.

Note: This health tip is not a substitute for a medical consultation. Always seek medical advice whenever faced with any medical condition.

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