COVID-19: Group call on FG to pay 100 thousands to families

A group, All Workers Convergence, AWC has called on the Federal government to pay 100 thousand to families to help them cope with the hardship posed by the scourge of COVID-19 pandemic.

This is contained in a letter addressed to president Muhammaudu Buhari, titled: ‘FAMILY SUPPORT AND SOCIAL SURVIVAL SCHEME IN THE FACE OF COVID – I9 GLOBAL PANDEMIC” and signed by Comrade Andrew Emelieze.

The letter read, ‘Your excellenc Sir, we bring you greetings and the very best of our wishes,it is our hope that we shall all survive this critical period together.

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“Sir, the challenge facing us as regards the spread of the corona virus calls for social solidarity and collective concern. push({}); We had earlier written world leaders demanding for international solidarity to fighting the corona scourge.

“Mr President Sir, from happenings around the world and the current national situation,it is obvious that Nigeria is like three weeks away to a very horrible situation if not abated. It is to this reason that we the workers of Nigeria writes you that their is need for a joint social action to combat the situation at hand. And so , the more reason for the call to action which should involve the society at large including the civil society movements, labour organisations, faith based groups, professional bodies,captains of industry etc. Our appeal is that we put humanity first and forgot about our ideological differences so as to defeat the corona virus scourge.

“There is no doubt, we are all aware of the grave danger posed by this deadly virus, we therefore wish to state that what is crucial and primary now is to safe lives first and that every other thing is secondary. We thus state that no sacrifice is too much in order to guarantee our continuous existence as a people.

“We the Nigerian workers welcome the stay at home order and some of the scientific recommendations of government to our people .As a way to achieve government’s goal in this regards, we thus request that Mr President consider and approve the following measures.

  1. The declaration of a national state of emergency across the federation.
  2. The adoption of a social and financial national stimulus plan.

3 The review of the self isolation order, the subjection of all political office holders and all who had traveled to high risk countries to the corona virus test.

  1. Adequate support and protection of all health care providers
  2. Adoption of all means, formal and informal means of treatment and research with the needed financial support in this regard.

6 (a) The declaration of free medical care to all within this period

(b) The use of military hospitals and barracks as treatment centres and isolation centers respectively.

7 (a) Family support scheme : that we develop the formula to assist vulnerable families and individuals to stay at home by paying 0ne hundred thousand naira to families that earn less than three hundred thousand monthly, verifiable through the BVN.

(b) Individual Support Scheme : that government support vulnerable individuals especially the unemployed that has the BVN with ten thousand naira each within this emergency period.

(c) That two trillion naira will go along way in this regards.

  1. Immediate rehabilitation of the homeless and mentally challenged from our streets.
  2. Immediate opening of our national grain reserves and supplies to our people
  3. Provisions of protective gears and face mask to our security personnel
  4. More reduction of interest rates in our banks and further reduction in the price of petroleum products.
  5. Provisions of free electricity and telecommunications within the emergency period
  6. Provide a supply network to distribute basic needs and food to the people.
  7. As a matter of emergency,it is our believe that these measures will be implemented within the next seven days.

‘Mr President Sir, our people need a government that will play the role of a mother Theresa in this trying periods.We therefore suggest that you withdraw from our foreign reserve in order to achieve this set objectives. You can also call for support from individuals and groups.

“We commiserate with all the families of the departed and we wish all infected quick recovery.

Finally we urge you to motivate our medical experts “and researchers to develop cure and vaccine against the corona virus.”, the letter concluded.

With the hardship already experiencing, there is doubt that a lot of Nigerians may not adhere to the stay-at-home order if the the federal government does not put in place palliative measure to cushion the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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