Insecurity: Shehu Sani blasts Muslim clerics for not leading street protest like Christians do

Insecurity: Shehu Sani blasts Muslim clerics for not leading street protest like Christians do

Nigeria Human Rights activist and former Senator representing Kaduna Central Senatorial district Shehu Sani on Monday, said Muslim clerics massages government of the day, despite huge human casualty occasioned by attacks.

He was reacting through a statement over banditry attacks that led to the death of 50 people in Kerawa of Kaduna South Senatorial district.

He said, insecurity was at its peak in the North with Governors doing nothing to tame the tide, adding that while Christians are on the street protesting, Muslim clerics keep placating and massaging government of the day.

He said:

“The mass killings of innocent people in Kerawa village and surroundings in Kaduna state by suspected bandits stands unreservedly condemned.

“Killings and kidnappings has become a daily occurrences in Kaduna, Katsina, Zamfara and Niger state.

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“Northern Governors are still playing the ostrich, afraid of confronting the federal Government and taking independent action to protect their people while the killings and the kidnappings goes on.

“The north has become a region of endless funerals and perpetual bereavement.

“Bandits in the North have become a state;they impose fines and taxes, send notices, control spaces, determine life and death and operate without much challenge.

“Banditry has further impoverished the North and turned it into a cemetery.

“The lives of ordinary people in the north has become cheap, dispensable, disposable and ordinary.

“The pervasive insecurity in the north is reinforced and sustained by the silence and sycophancy of its elites as much as the inaction of the Government.

“Muslims are not much being seen as victims of the killings in the north because many Islamic leaders prefer to massage the image of the Government in the face of the killings of their followers while Christian clerics are leading protests in the streets.

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“The north must wake up,buckle up or perish.

“When our people are repeatedly and tragically killed or abducted and we speak out,the only response that comes from the Government and it’s hired agents is that we are ‘politicizing the issue of security’.

“Northern Governors must come out with a regional security outfit to protect their people or continue to wait for Godot.

“The level of insecurity in the north has become infectious to the country and contagious to the west African subregion.

“My condolences to the families of the victims”

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