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COVID-19 pandemic: NOA is operating on zero budget – David Dogo

The Federal Capital Territory, FCT Director, National Orientation Agency, NOA David Dogo says the agency operates on zero budget in its public enlightenment campaign in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic.

He revealed this to Informavores while reacting to call by some group of people for leadership change in the Agency.

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Dogo said that, “Honestly speaking, they are entitled to their opinion but NOA is doing its best. As a journalist, go and find out how much money is given to NOA to work, it is very important, it is very important because sensitization or public enlightenment is capital intensive.

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“Okay we have 774 local government in the country, now assuming you want to do one program, just one program and that program for each local government would cost fifty thousand naira which is not even enough, but let’s say fifty thousand naira for the 774 local governments we need forty million naira. adsbygoogle || []).push({});

“And you as a journalist, in communication, you cannot talk to somebody just once on something for the thing to assimilate. That is why even on this COVID-19 we keep telling people every day, social distancing, wash your hand, do this, do that, we keep repeating it over and over again so that people would understand.

“Now assuming that you are going to do that program in each of the local government just one meeting, you want to bring people together and address them at fifty thousand naira; that is forty million, if you are going to do it for a second time, another forty million that is eighty million naira.

“Go and check how much is the Agency receiving. So, people condemn the agency, they are not on radio, they are not working.  People should also be fair and be balanced. Go and check how much is the agency getting. In the campaign on COVID-19 pandemic that we are doing in FCT, I have been doing the campaign on zero budget, just pushing my people like that to go.

“And even this war on Coronavirus, 70% of the war will be worn through public sensitization, the medical aspect of it may be just 30%. It is the knowledge that people gain that will help them in fighting this Coronavirus.

“Ideally, there should be money devoted for this, so I don’t understand the reason why some people say they are promoting somebody, for leadership change and in any case, it is not any that can come and head NOA. It is not any comer’s work. There are professionals also, people who have been working there for long and it is good to go and find out how people are working there. “You know when you just stay outside and you say you want leadership change, people must understand the constraint we are having.” He continued.

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Abdulrahman Obaje
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