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Hon Beji Reiterates Displeasure Over Neglect To Recognize Young Soldier Victims Of Insecurity

Hon Shehu Barwa Beji is a Nigeria House of Representative member representing Bosso/Paikoro Federal Constituency, Niger state. In this short media chat with Informavores in Abuja, Honourable Shehu Barwa, expressing displeasure over neglect to recognize young soldier victims of insurgency, bare his mind on issues bordering insecurity, empowerment, and the COVID-19 vaccine, among others.

The excerpt:

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Hon. Insecurity in Nigeria, has gotten to an alarming state. Banditry, kidnapping and armed robbery has become the order of the day. Do you think the federal government has not been handling the issue very well?

If you are conversant with the happenings in the house, I moved a motion last year that has to do with removal of the service chiefs and what prompted me to do that was because, I felt that the security structure should be rejigged and when the people at the helms of affair, are not getting the job done, there is a need for a change. adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Again, Banditry, Armed robbery and kidnappings has crept inside FCT and when we have that kind of situation, it is a matter of National emergency.

In the same vein, Niger state which I am representing the good people of Bosso/Paikoro Federal Constituency, has also been victims    of these incessant attacks. When I was campaigning for the removal of the service chiefs last year, I felt that the tactics they were using was not working. The military deploy their planes to fly over the areas to monitor what is going on but I have always believed that the best way to handle this issue, is military base/camp are set up in those areas that are known to be the den of this bandits /terrorist.

Sometime ago, some military personnel were killed by bandits and a colonel was among the people killed but sadly, only the colonel was given recognition. These people are young men who risk their lives on regulation basis to protect the lives of citizens so, when something like this happens, I think they deserve to be recognized and even honored be you a colonel or a junior officer. They have families and friends who they left behind so they shouldn’t go unrecognized as if they never existed.

So when that particular incident happened, I expressed my displeasure and I got commendation by some of these junior officer. The point here is the issue of security is a very serious one. I am a member of the ruling party but security matters, goes beyond politics and in one way or the other, everybody is being affected by this regardless of party affiliation or politics.

Hon. Many people are skeptical about taking the COVID-19 vaccines. What are your thoughts about that?

I am not a medical personnel but I am somebody that reads quite a lot. If people are skeptical, they have reasons to be. In the first place, normally it takes a couple of years for vaccines to manufacture but in this case, it took around 12 months to have the COVID-19 vaccines ready. Although the peculiarity of this deadly virus, it facilitated in the quick and early development of this particular vaccines. Though there has been some theories of reducing the black population, I don’t see any truth in that. As far as I know, 70% of the drugs we use in Nigeria, are imported from the western world so how come they have not used that particular avenue, to reduce the black population and as long as we cannot produce drugs ourselves, anyone (drug) that has been certified internationally by reputable organizations, will suffice.

I am yet to take the COVID-19 vaccines but I will definitely do so because I believe it is everybody’s interest to be vaccinated. I will also take my own vaccine publicly.

Let us come back home Sir. You must have made some campaign promises before you got elected into the federal House of Representatives. What have you been able to do for you people?

Before I came to National Assembly, I have been a Local Government Chairman and Vice Chairman back to back and secondly, I am not the kind of people who make so many promises. I rather believe in action. I believe that because of the confidence and trust my people have in me, I have been able to maintain the position of both vice Chairman and Chairman of Local government (a position I held several times) before coming to the House of Representatives.

The people of my constituency are basically farmers and understanding their needs, I made provisions for farming instruments for them. I made my people understand that the areas I will concentrate on, is Health and Education and also promised to tackle unemployment which I did through various youths empowerment.

This is my first time as a member of the House of Representatives and in my second year in the Ninth Assembly, I am happy to say that I have been able to touch these areas that I have mentioned already. Last year, I did empowerment program for youths and women in my constituency and after the program, I gave out materials to some tailors, barbers, welders and etc. During the COVID-19 lockdown, I realized the immediate needs of my people and quickly swung into action. I purchased drugs worth millions of naira and those drugs were distributed to all the clinics in my constituency to be given free of charge to my people and as I am talking to you, some of those drugs are available in some of the clinics in my constituency. During the COVID-19 lockdown, I started a community clinic in my community and any moment from now, I am going to officially declare it opened.

I have an upcoming empowerment program and I have provided sewing machines, grinding machines etc. I am going to give out those items to the beneficiaries. I am going to concentrate on people who have acquired the knowledge and needs the materials to start up.

Thank you very much Honourable.

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