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Hon Beji Reiterates Displeasure Over Neglect To Recognize Young Soldier Victims Of Insecurity



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Hon Shehu Barwa Beji is a Nigeria House of Representative member representing Bosso/Paikoro Federal Constituency, Niger state. In this short media chat with Informavores in Abuja, Honourable Shehu Barwa, expressing displeasure over neglect to recognize young soldier victims of insurgency, bare his mind on issues bordering insecurity, empowerment, and the COVID-19 vaccine, among others. The excerpt:

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Hon. Insecurity in Nigeria, has gotten to an alarming state. Banditry, kidnapping and armed robbery has become the order of the day. Do you think the federal government has not been handling the issue very well?

If you are conversant with the happenings in the house, I moved a motion last year that has to do with removal of the service chiefs and what prompted me to do that was because, I felt that the security structure should be rejigged and when the people at the helms of affair, are not getting the job done, there is a need for a change. adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Again, Banditry, Armed robbery and kidnappings has crept inside FCT and when we have that kind of situation, it is a matter of National emergency.

In the same vein, Niger state which I am representing the good people of Bosso/Paikoro Federal Constituency, has also been victims    of these incessant attacks. When I was campaigning for the removal of the service chiefs last year, I felt that the tactics they were using was not working. The military deploy their planes to fly over the areas to monitor what is going on but I have always believed that the best way to handle this issue, is military base/camp are set up in those areas that are known to be the den of this bandits /terrorist.

Sometime ago, some military personnel were killed by bandits and a colonel was among the people killed but sadly, only the colonel was given recognition. These people are young men who risk their lives on regulation basis to protect the lives of citizens so, when something like this happens, I think they deserve to be recognized and even honored be you a colonel or a junior officer. They have families and friends who they left behind so they shouldn’t go unrecognized as if they never existed.

So when that particular incident happened, I expressed my displeasure and I got commendation by some of these junior officer. The point here is the issue of security is a very serious one. I am a member of the ruling party but security matters, goes beyond politics and in one way or the other, everybody is being affected by this regardless of party affiliation or politics.

Hon. Many people are skeptical about taking the COVID-19 vaccines. What are your thoughts about that?

I am not a medical personnel but I am somebody that reads quite a lot. If people are skeptical, they have reasons to be. In the first place, normally it takes a couple of years for vaccines to manufacture but in this case, it took around 12 months to have the COVID-19 vaccines ready. Although the peculiarity of this deadly virus, it facilitated in the quick and early development of this particular vaccines. Though there has been some theories of reducing the black population, I don’t see any truth in that. As far as I know, 70% of the drugs we use in Nigeria, are imported from the western world so how come they have not used that particular avenue, to reduce the black population and as long as we cannot produce drugs ourselves, anyone (drug) that has been certified internationally by reputable organizations, will suffice.

I am yet to take the COVID-19 vaccines but I will definitely do so because I believe it is everybody’s interest to be vaccinated. I will also take my own vaccine publicly.

Let us come back home Sir. You must have made some campaign promises before you got elected into the federal House of Representatives. What have you been able to do for you people?

Before I came to National Assembly, I have been a Local Government Chairman and Vice Chairman back to back and secondly, I am not the kind of people who make so many promises. I rather believe in action. I believe that because of the confidence and trust my people have in me, I have been able to maintain the position of both vice Chairman and Chairman of Local government (a position I held several times) before coming to the House of Representatives.

The people of my constituency are basically farmers and understanding their needs, I made provisions for farming instruments for them. I made my people understand that the areas I will concentrate on, is Health and Education and also promised to tackle unemployment which I did through various youths empowerment.

This is my first time as a member of the House of Representatives and in my second year in the Ninth Assembly, I am happy to say that I have been able to touch these areas that I have mentioned already. Last year, I did empowerment program for youths and women in my constituency and after the program, I gave out materials to some tailors, barbers, welders and etc. During the COVID-19 lockdown, I realized the immediate needs of my people and quickly swung into action. I purchased drugs worth millions of naira and those drugs were distributed to all the clinics in my constituency to be given free of charge to my people and as I am talking to you, some of those drugs are available in some of the clinics in my constituency. During the COVID-19 lockdown, I started a community clinic in my community and any moment from now, I am going to officially declare it opened.

I have an upcoming empowerment program and I have provided sewing machines, grinding machines etc. I am going to give out those items to the beneficiaries. I am going to concentrate on people who have acquired the knowledge and needs the materials to start up.

Thank you very much Honourable.


How Helping an Out of School Boy Spur Me into NGO Work – Lidwine



Founder Lea Global Welfare Initiative Lidwine-Lea Olivier Ameh
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In the wake of COVID-19 Pandemic that is ravaging the entire world, activities were almost brought to total halt with enormous humanitarian crisis. In this interview with the founder of a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Lea Global Welfare Initiative, Lidwine-Lea Olivier Ameh, the Online Editor and Social Media Strategist, AbdulRahman Obaje, peruse the extent of impact the COVID-19 Pandemic, and the Lockdown had on her NGO. Excerpts:

My name is Abdulrahman Obaje, an Online Editor and Social Media Strategist, may I meet you?

Thank you very much my name is Lidwine-Lea Olivier Ameh, I am the founder of Lea Global Welfare Initiative. An initiative that has been on for the past 3 years now. We have been working and working committedly and dedicatedly to ensuring that the welfare of Nigerians children, women and youths, and other people in Africa are being met. We have done that by reaching out to children, reaching out to the youths and reaching out to women.

We have very strong passion for widows and we have from our program, reached out to as much widows as we can, women, children this we are doing with individual help. We are organization that have decided to open up that light and make people realize that the welfare of every individuals matter.

When you ignore the welfare of an individual, it affects the person in question, it affects the society, and it affect the nation.

So we took this project and started it with one person and in the last couples of years now we have been able to reach out to as many children we know

For how long have you been in existence?

We have actually being officially in existence since 2018 but unofficially, we started our activity in 2017.

So, within this 3 years of your operation, what are your achievements?

Since 2017 we started, we have been able to create a back to school program. We have run several programs, one of which is our back to school program where we have been able to send back children that are out of school back to school and also children that are in school, we have created motivational program for them. Engaging them in intra-inter-school competition.

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This has been able to help and gear up those that are in school and for children totally out of school, they have been put back to school, with their school fees paid, uniforms, books and every necessary things they need to get back to school. That is in the area of children.

Where women are concern, we created training programs for women which we tagged ‘Teach Them to Fish’. We teach them how to setup their own businesses, in the areas of Agriculture, teaching women basically from a small means.

For those that does not have any skill at all, it could be from knitting, to sowing, to hairdressing and to as, any things as what they can use to help themselves.

And for the youths, we embarked on different school leadership program so that they can know the importance of being leaders of our tomorrow.

In your profile, there is a boy, Benjamin, Did you said that Benjamin was the motivation, I mean how did you got started with the NGO work?

The NGO work actually started in 2017 with just that very, boy, Benjamin Nahari. Benjamin was out strolling at school hours looking for a means, something to do, a job to do and when he was questioned by the NGO, he said he needed to work, whatever he could do, from cutting grasses to washing plates for people, so that he could pay up his school fees.

Benjamin was taken up and he was put back to school and his school fees was paid.

And that was a motivating factor for me. And having done that, we realized that there are over a hundred people like Benjamin out of school and we started one by one assisting those we could help back to school with a means we could start with.

At what age did you helped Benjamin and where is Benjamin now?

Benjamin at that age was nine. Benjamin currently and at that time Benjamin was in primary four. Benjamin has finished his primary school and he was a boy who was living with his grand-parent. Apparently, his mother was late and his father was living back in Taraba State. So Benjamin after his primary school was able to successfully go back to his father to continue his secondary.

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Benjamin assistance continued until he finished his primary school.

So, how is the COVID-19 Pandemic affecting your operations, looking at its ravaging effects on the entire world; and how have you been coping?

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global health challenge that affected every organization, every sector, both government and private, and we are not left out.

This made it to be very difficult for us to access donor agencies and most of our beneficiaries. Our activities slated for the year 2020 has be grounded and shifted to the next year. So, I would tell you that things has not been easy in the face of the pandemic and the lockdown.

What is your take on the recent #EndSARS protest?

Looking at the protest, I would say it was a peaceful protest and their demands were actually legitimate. Looking at the demands of the people, protesters. But when you look at it holistically, you also look at the part of the government. The government has also been able to do something to an extent but I believed that the government can still look deeper and do more. They are trying but I believe they can still take a mile step forward to meeting and being able to sorting everything out.

Are you aware that there are different government programs, something like the CBN AGSMEIS, what is your plan in accessing this programmes for your beneficiaries and what are your constraints?

Thank you very much. We as an organization and as a body, intend to partner with the government and other stakeholders to let them come in and see what we are doing. Why? Because, the training we take on especially in the agricultural sector need the individual and the parties involved including the government to come in and see what we are doing and support what we are doing financially and what have you.

We need as much supports as we can get from them because it would go a long way to sorting lot of issues that is on ground right now

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So, what is your message to the government and the people?

My message to the government is that I have a laid a carpet down, inviting the government to come in and support Lea Global Welfare Initiative. Why should government support Lea Global Welfare Initiative? Government should support us because Lea Global has the access to the youth that are out there hanging out not doing anything. Lea Global is able to annex them together put them on training and be able to move them forward. Give them the leadership skill they need to be able to work with government

And for the women, we have the platform to organize as many women as possible. We are reaching out to as many widows and through our organization, the widows would see also what the government is doing for them.

For the individuals, we are inviting them also to come in and partner with us to support as many women, as much youths and as many children that are outside there, out of schools. On your own, you can’t do it, but when you come together as a body, you can be sure that your support is getting somewhere.

Our watch word is transparency, so you know that what you are putting in, you are getting back. Thank you.

Author Profile

Abdulrahman Obaje
Abdulrahman Obaje
Prince Abdulrahman Obaje is a Media and ICT Consultant, Journalist, online marketer, social media strategist, Mathematician and Computer Scientist based in Abuja, Nigeria. He is the Founder and the Publisher of The Informavores!. You can reach me on +234 805 939 5252 or send i-witness report directly to me on

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“Lock Me Up With COVID-19 Victim To Confirm My Medicine Now!”, Abuja Evangelist Cries Out. [SEE VIDEO]



“Lock Me Up With COVID-19 Victim To Confirm My Medicine Now!”, Abuja Evangelist Cries Out. [SEE VIDEO]
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Sequel to his fruitless efforts to get crucial attention from concerns authorities in Nigeria, an Abuja based Evangelist, Success Nwankwo is crying out loud, appealing to those in authority that he has an alternate remedy to the deadly coronavirus pandemic, and has since offered himself to be infected with the deadly coronavirus as he vows his medicine would cure him and others in one week.

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Identified himself as an Abuja based man of God, unto whom holy spirit had earlier revealed the coming of the novel coronavirus, with attendant curative measure equally revealed to end coronavirus pandemic.

Success Nwankwo as refers in this narrative, told RegentAfrica Times’s fact-finding team how posterity will not forgive him if he cannot stop the scourge, especially as he watches hundreds of deaths recorded in the world. adsbygoogle || []).push({}); He is confident the remedy to save mankind rests with him as instructed by God.

Quizzed if he possessed background experience in herbal medicine, or licensed under any extant law as prerequisite to prove the ingenuity of his medicine beyond reasonable doubts, couple with understanding of the implications of taking the government for granted in a time of global emergency like this, Nwankwo minced no words; he reflects on how the inspiration to cure coronavirus came to him from God as a man of God, which he said transcend his wisdom and anyone on how God works.

Success Nwankwo:

“My Name is Success Nwankwo, I’m an Evangelist but I prefer to be called Brother Success Nwankwo

“The truth of the matter is that I am a man of God, with no background in any of the medicinal practice, tradition, or orthodox. My father is a clergyman, a man of God and my mother also served in the vineyard. This entire thing came to me as an inspiration from God through revelation on the coming of coronavirus, and the alternate way to go when it comes.”

“Everything started last year during long fasting and prayer. God revealed to me that something will hit the world between 2019 and 2020, that this will be the remedy which I have developed according to the direction of the Holy Spirit.”

“Though I forgot the revelation even when the virus is already in place until 23rd of March when some people I shared the revelation with earlier and later reminded me. I return to God in prayers on how to administer the dosage, then came the revelation the second time, and I feel this is the right time to speak up.”

Success Nwankwo did not stop there. When probed further on the ingenuity of the liquid substance presented to the media crew, and of what assurances his efforts are not make-belief to seek attentions using COVID-19 emergency as a tool, Nwankwo rather opted for a suicidal approach.

The middle-age man vows to surrender himself to be infected with the deadly virus as a measure to establish facts behind his alternative herbal remedy to COVID-19.

His frustrations are that no one seems prepared to give him a listening ear, neither would all efforts to reach out to the government yields any result, hence his conviction to offer himself to the Nigeria Centers for Disease Control (NCDC) for experiment.

Success Nwankwo:

“This is the reason I am offering myself to be infected with the virus. Since I don’t have a hospital of my own and cannot apply it on anyone under the law, I call on the government to quarantine me alongside COVID-19 patients for three days or more, let them confirm me positive. Then let them administer my medicine and see if God is not at work.

“I have waxed this my position in a video which I have posted viral on social media, begging to be quarantined for coronavirus as a proof of what God has deposited in me to give to the world on COVID-19. I am one hundred percent confidence in this remedy. And I take from it everyday. He assured.

He further narrated his failed attempts to get attentions from concerned authorities:

“I have been to necessary places, including government quarters, canvassing if my medicine could be administered on any coronavirus patient, but no one is ready to listen to me.

“I was at the Gwagwalada COVID-19 facility to launch the campaign with the authorities at the hospital, but I was told that is the wrong place to go.”

“I later heard the Minister for Health would be coming to Nyayan axis in the wake of this coronavirus pandemic, I waited, but all to no avail. I have used virtually all the social media platforms, Twitter, Facebook, What’sapp. I posted my message to anyone who can listen to me, but all efforts seems not working.

Have you approached the NCDC, which is the right channel to go on this?
Success Nwankwo

“I reached out to NCDC through a telephone line I was given, the number has been dead throughout. I went further to post my contact on facebook, announcing if anyone could help with NCDC active line. That gave me access to the FCT Authority, where I eventually got an NCDC line, but no one contacted me and that effort also failed”

“I have to open a twitter handle for this purpose through where I reached out to many of the Nigerian newspapers. Incidentally, I was contacted via the Guardian Newspaper’s twitter handle by the Voice of Russia, but the only thing that puts them off was my use of language, which if the authorities in Nigeria had listen to me, I would have been advised as appropriate”

What language did you use that put them off?

“I was told by the Russia contact that they could have get along with me, but I keep saying ‘I discovered’, I discoverd’. They said that I cannot just discover a vaccine without a proof of research work leading to its confirmation. So that put them off. I did not know the right word to use due to my none pharmaceutical background. And I blame that on my country, because who will believe you when even your own country could not listen to you, which is quiet unfortunate.”

Can you give us an idea of the formation of the herb, is it purely herbs or with other mixtures that you might not want to disclose for obvious reasons?

“As I said earlier, this package is a direction from the holy spirit, though with the use of herbs and other things revealed to me.

Do you have the significant quantity to take care of many patients at a time, in case you are examined and your medicine is certified genuine by concern authority; and finally, what do you want the government to do now?

“I am appealing to those in authority, especially the Minister of Health and NCDC, to kindly hear me out first. It pierced my heart as days passes by and coronavirus deaths toll rises. Hundreds of thousands across the world are dying, Death tolls rising every day in my country Nigeria while I know the solution to COVID-19 Pandemic rests with me here.

“This is sad, inhuman, and unfortunate. I feel I am shortchanging God who gives me the direction to go. But i have no facility of my own under the law to administer or carry out healing of coronavirus patience, except I go through the due process.” Nwankwo pleads.

Author Profile

Abdulrahman Obaje
Abdulrahman Obaje
Prince Abdulrahman Obaje is a Media and ICT Consultant, Journalist, online marketer, social media strategist, Mathematician and Computer Scientist based in Abuja, Nigeria. He is the Founder and the Publisher of The Informavores!. You can reach me on +234 805 939 5252 or send i-witness report directly to me on

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APC Faulty Zoning: Being in Speakership Race Not Disloyalty to Party – Hon. Dyegh



APC Faulty Zoning: Being in Speakership Race Not Disloyalty to Party - Hon. Dyegh
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As the race for the Speakership position of the Green Chamber toughens up, there are many interests from different viewpoints which comprises of Party interest, Regional interest, Personal interest and others to mention. Above all these interests, the interest for a quality representation of the general populace supersedes them all.

On these backdrops, expectations are high of anyone who emerges the Apex Leadership figure of the Statutory Lawmaking Body as the Speaker of the Federal House of Representative. We took a tour to the office of one of the Speakership contestants, Rt. Hon. Dr. John Dyegh (Speaker for Justice & Fairplay), representing Gboko/Tarka Federal Constituency of Benue State at the Federal House of Representative.

Rt. Hon. Dr. Dyegh, made it clear in a media chat  with some journalists in Abuja recently that what drew his interest into the contest are the many questions 2019 electioneering year threw up.

One of the questions like he pointed out is, ”why is there so much concentration and interest about South-West, over and above other regions?” He went on to state that South-West have Deputy Speaker position, they have the House Leader position, they also have the Vice President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, and now the Speakership position for the incoming 9th Assembly has been zoned and Micro-zoned to South-West. And this raises a question that need to be properly addressed.

Analysing the wisdom behind the decision of his Party (APC), he faults the zoning process that took away the Senate President position from the North-Central to the North-East, and the Speaker which was zoned to the Northeast to the Southwest, instead of zoning it back to the North-Central where the Senate position was taken away from. In his own words, Dyegh said, “I look at that as a mistake, and we are trying to make the Party correct that mistake”.

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Nigeria has Six Geopolitical Zones with a Constitution that clearly stipulates equal representation of the Six Zones in Governance. The President is from the North-West, North-East has been zoned for the Senate President, South-West has also sadly been zoned for the Speakership position, leaving North-Central with no principal officer of the Nation. This throws up a big question of, Where is the North-Central in the APC Government? Citing Section 14(3) of the 1999 Constitution (as amended), which states that; “the composition of the Government of the Federation or any of its Agencies and the conduct of its Affairs shall be carried out in such a manner as to reflect the Federal Character of Nigeria and also to command National loyalty, thereby ensuring that there shall be no predominance of persons from a few States or from a few ethnic or other sectional groups in that Government or in any of its Agencies”.

The Lawmaker reiterated the overwhelming contributions made by North-Central region in making APC Federal Government re-election a reality. He recounted that his Region after North-west and North-East, took the third position, over and above the Southwest that is being loaded with Political offices. Thus saying, “it will be fair if the position of the Speaker is given to the North Central, having taken away the seat of the Senate President to the North East”.

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The Aspiring Speaker refuted the rumour claiming his purported plan to step down, he categorically said; “I have not step down, I will not step down and I shall not step down. I have not seen any reason why I should ever step down for anybody outside North-Central”. He vowed to stand his ground in one voice with his people in the North Central who share same opinion that the party has made a mistake that should be corrected, “I insist, we in the North Central, we insist

Hon. Dyegh explained that his decision and that of his people from North Central not to back out of the race is not borne out of disloyalty or disobedient to Party decision, but the party has made a mistake and that needs to be corrected”. He reiterated his full support and unchangeable loyalty for President Buhari, and by extension his party (APC). While asking that the Party take advantage of the fact that North Central has entered the race for Speakership position and correct the mistake they made in zoning the post to South-west. This he believes is Justice and Fairplay, and would give the party a common front in securing the Speaker position against other parties.

He acknowledged the importance of each and every vote coming from the 360 Members in choosing the Speaker of the House. Saying that “the 9th Assembly is one Body, irrespective of party affiliation”, hence the need to canvas for votes across Party-Lines. He made bold to say that “it’s only a foolish man and a stupid man that will go into the race for a Speaker and will not talk to the opposition”.

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The Speaker-to-be and a CUSTODIAN in the act of Legislation, initiated for implementation a 7-Point Evidence-Based Legislative Agenda, where he called his Honourable Colleagues to key into the House Project for Harmony, Justice and Fairplay. Reminding all that the Project is a Pan-Nigerian Project, not driven by selfish Agenda.

He went further to commend the achievements of the 8th Assembly, pointing out areas of their quick intervention in issues of utmost and urgent National importance.

RT. Honey. Dr. John Dyegh,  “a thorough bred grass roots experienced politician remains one of the richest, having taken roots from the lowest ebb of the society” and is fully equipped intellectually to take the Federal House of Representatives smoothly to the Next Level on a platter of Peace and Harmony.

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