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“Lock Me Up With COVID-19 Victim To Confirm My Medicine Now!”, Abuja Evangelist Cries Out. [SEE VIDEO]

Sequel to his fruitless efforts to get crucial attention from concerns authorities in Nigeria, an Abuja based Evangelist, Success Nwankwo is crying out loud, appealing to those in authority that he has an alternate remedy to the deadly coronavirus pandemic, and has since offered himself to be infected with the deadly coronavirus as he vows his medicine would cure him and others in one week.

Identified himself as an Abuja based man of God, unto whom holy spirit had earlier revealed the coming of the novel coronavirus, with attendant curative measure equally revealed to end coronavirus pandemic.

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Success Nwankwo as refers in this narrative, told RegentAfrica Times’s fact-finding team how posterity will not forgive him if he cannot stop the scourge, especially as he watches hundreds of deaths recorded in the world. adsbygoogle || []).push({}); He is confident the remedy to save mankind rests with him as instructed by God.

Quizzed if he possessed background experience in herbal medicine, or licensed under any extant law as prerequisite to prove the ingenuity of his medicine beyond reasonable doubts, couple with understanding of the implications of taking the government for granted in a time of global emergency like this, Nwankwo minced no words; he reflects on how the inspiration to cure coronavirus came to him from God as a man of God, which he said transcend his wisdom and anyone on how God works.

Success Nwankwo:

“My Name is Success Nwankwo, I’m an Evangelist but I prefer to be called Brother Success Nwankwo

“The truth of the matter is that I am a man of God, with no background in any of the medicinal practice, tradition, or orthodox. My father is a clergyman, a man of God and my mother also served in the vineyard. This entire thing came to me as an inspiration from God through revelation on the coming of coronavirus, and the alternate way to go when it comes.”

“Everything started last year during long fasting and prayer. God revealed to me that something will hit the world between 2019 and 2020, that this will be the remedy which I have developed according to the direction of the Holy Spirit.”

“Though I forgot the revelation even when the virus is already in place until 23rd of March when some people I shared the revelation with earlier and later reminded me. I return to God in prayers on how to administer the dosage, then came the revelation the second time, and I feel this is the right time to speak up.”

Success Nwankwo did not stop there. When probed further on the ingenuity of the liquid substance presented to the media crew, and of what assurances his efforts are not make-belief to seek attentions using COVID-19 emergency as a tool, Nwankwo rather opted for a suicidal approach.

The middle-age man vows to surrender himself to be infected with the deadly virus as a measure to establish facts behind his alternative herbal remedy to COVID-19.

His frustrations are that no one seems prepared to give him a listening ear, neither would all efforts to reach out to the government yields any result, hence his conviction to offer himself to the Nigeria Centers for Disease Control (NCDC) for experiment.

Success Nwankwo:

“This is the reason I am offering myself to be infected with the virus. Since I don’t have a hospital of my own and cannot apply it on anyone under the law, I call on the government to quarantine me alongside COVID-19 patients for three days or more, let them confirm me positive. Then let them administer my medicine and see if God is not at work.

“I have waxed this my position in a video which I have posted viral on social media, begging to be quarantined for coronavirus as a proof of what God has deposited in me to give to the world on COVID-19. I am one hundred percent confidence in this remedy. And I take from it everyday. He assured.

He further narrated his failed attempts to get attentions from concerned authorities:

“I have been to necessary places, including government quarters, canvassing if my medicine could be administered on any coronavirus patient, but no one is ready to listen to me.

“I was at the Gwagwalada COVID-19 facility to launch the campaign with the authorities at the hospital, but I was told that is the wrong place to go.”

“I later heard the Minister for Health would be coming to Nyayan axis in the wake of this coronavirus pandemic, I waited, but all to no avail. I have used virtually all the social media platforms, Twitter, Facebook, What’sapp. I posted my message to anyone who can listen to me, but all efforts seems not working.

Have you approached the NCDC, which is the right channel to go on this?
Success Nwankwo

“I reached out to NCDC through a telephone line I was given, the number has been dead throughout. I went further to post my contact on facebook, announcing if anyone could help with NCDC active line. That gave me access to the FCT Authority, where I eventually got an NCDC line, but no one contacted me and that effort also failed”

“I have to open a twitter handle for this purpose through where I reached out to many of the Nigerian newspapers. Incidentally, I was contacted via the Guardian Newspaper’s twitter handle by the Voice of Russia, but the only thing that puts them off was my use of language, which if the authorities in Nigeria had listen to me, I would have been advised as appropriate”

What language did you use that put them off?

“I was told by the Russia contact that they could have get along with me, but I keep saying ‘I discovered’, I discoverd’. They said that I cannot just discover a vaccine without a proof of research work leading to its confirmation. So that put them off. I did not know the right word to use due to my none pharmaceutical background. And I blame that on my country, because who will believe you when even your own country could not listen to you, which is quiet unfortunate.”

Can you give us an idea of the formation of the herb, is it purely herbs or with other mixtures that you might not want to disclose for obvious reasons?

“As I said earlier, this package is a direction from the holy spirit, though with the use of herbs and other things revealed to me.

Do you have the significant quantity to take care of many patients at a time, in case you are examined and your medicine is certified genuine by concern authority; and finally, what do you want the government to do now?

“I am appealing to those in authority, especially the Minister of Health and NCDC, to kindly hear me out first. It pierced my heart as days passes by and coronavirus deaths toll rises. Hundreds of thousands across the world are dying, Death tolls rising every day in my country Nigeria while I know the solution to COVID-19 Pandemic rests with me here.

“This is sad, inhuman, and unfortunate. I feel I am shortchanging God who gives me the direction to go. But i have no facility of my own under the law to administer or carry out healing of coronavirus patience, except I go through the due process.” Nwankwo pleads.

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