How We Can Prevent Building Collapse – ARCON President

The President, Architects Registration Council of Nigeria(ARCON), Architect Dipo Ajayi said the Federal Government has the bigger role to play in preventing building collapse in the country.

Architect Ajayi reiterate this during the 8th induction of Newly Registered Architects.

While responding to questions by Journalists, Architect Ajayi said, “To me, I feel that this profession is not being well appreciated hence you still see people patronising quacks which leads to building collapse.

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“Architects are great people and they can be described as “designers of the world.”

“They are the people who set the pace for beauty and I believe that they should be well celebrated. push({}); ”

“As for the challenges facing the profession, I believe the Government has a big role to play. If Architects are employed by Government parastatals and ministries,I believe it will add more value to the profession.”

“The Architects registration council of Nigeria(ARCON)was established by Decree No.10 of 1969 further amended by Decree No.43 of 1990 IP so facto.

“I am grateful to God that am alive today and it is a huge honour and privilege to be in a position to contribute immensely to the growth of this significant field. I feel elated that I have the opportunity to make an impact on the lives of these Newly Inducted Architects.”, he added.

ARCON derives the power to register and control the practice of Architects in Nigeria.

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