PDP Responsible for Insurgency, Insecurity – Mani

Honorable Aminu Ashiru Mani representing Bindawa, Mani federal constituency expressed his confidence that the insecurity in Nigeria was the handiwork of the past government because of their selfish interests.

Mani, while briefing journalists in his office at the National Assembly on Tuesday, categorically blamed the past government for their inability to curtail insurgency that have caused thousands of young girls and women to be abducted and serially raped and displacement of over three million people within and outside Nigeria.

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He maintained that the past government of the People Democratic Party infused poverty and idleness in the lives of many Nigerians and that makes them to look for any available means to lay hands on anything. adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Hon, acknowledge the fact that “before the resumption of this government, many local government were taken over by Boko Haram and  others, but today the situations have changed”.

The government of APC take upon herself the  responsibility to create jobs for youths, so that they can be engaged in doing something legitimate that will benefit them in future.

According to Mani, the youths need to carry along in the policies of governance, creating more awareness so that the should also know their hope in life.

Honorable Mani urged the federal government, to embark on recruitment and training more security agencies, so that the activities of this bad people in the society can be nip on the bud.

“security standard suppose to be 3 into 1 person, but we don’t have them as much to meet with that standard .”

Honourable Mani further reiterated that, “government should try to be up to date in the security weapons, many weapons that our security personnel are using are obsolete, therefore we need to improve.”

Honourable Mani therefore urged, “the federal government to investigate the root cause of this insecurity, so they can technically handle it, which I think it is better than guns battle .”

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