Beware of FREE random Internet WiFi Access You Connect Your Mobile Devices To.

Recently, there was a massive trending of hacking of email and social media accounts, bank accounts, devices, routers and MIFIs for a ransom, and one wonders how do hackers still have access to this account with all the precaution in place.

It is easy for Hackers to carry out their malicious act after getting access to your primary internet access device such as your router, mifi, etc as the case may be. Protecting your device logon information is the first step to keeping you safe online.

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Hackers can successfully eavesdrop your login information as soon they have access to your internet connectivity device and go ahead to phish you.

As part of activities to further secure and assure your online experience, it is advisable to take immediate action to change the default password that came with your router or any other internet connectivity device. adsbygoogle || []).push({}); In fact, you are advice to change your username and password as often as possible.

And a golden rule is that you don’t connect to any free random internet Wi-Fi access if you must perform sensitive online transaction. Use only trusted Wi-Fi to perform financial transactions for instance and any other sensitive transactions.

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Abdulrahman Obaje
Abdulrahman Obaje
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