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Honourable Akala Is A Chairman With A Difference – Amb GodBless Ademu

The newly coronated Ata-Oja Igala, Karu Local Government of Nasarawa State, Honourable Chief Ambassador Godbless Isiaka Ademu has said that the chairman of Karu Local Government Area, honourable Samuel Akala Gajere is a chairman with a difference as he (Hon.

Akala) gets ‘Onuku Igala Title.

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Ata-Oja Ademu make this assertion during his coronation ceremony as the Ata-Oja Igala, Karu Local Government of Nasarawa State saying that the socio-economic development that Akala had brought to Karu Local government area has no rival.

Ata-Oja Ademu said, “This is the Igala community in Karu local government area Nasarawa My name is Honourable Chief Ambassador Godbless Isiaka Ademu, Proprietor of Honourable schools limited; Proprietor, Solutions Computer Consult, honourable center for remedial studies and many more and today, I have been mandated to become the Ata-Oja Igala Karu local government. adsbygoogle || []).push({});

“For your information sir, Igala community are the most organized non-indigenous group in Karu, whether we like it or yes (not or not). Honourable sir, we have a structure that is second to none in the whole 36 states of the federation and the federal capital territory, what is that structure?

“The Igala community has 3 different structures or more, we have the ICDA president who is the Administrative head of the Igala Community, We have the Ata-Oja Igala who is the socio-political and the economic head of the Igala community of which I am opportune to step into the shoe today being 14th November, 2020; and we have the Onu Igala who is the traditional head of the Igala community who represent the father of everybody whether good or bad, whether mad or normal. A very handsome man, I don’t if you can see him,. A handsome man an educated man , an enlightened man, a man of vision he is the onu igala, Karu Local Government, he is the Oga Ata Igala, Karu local government, and to tell you he is the Wakil Igala, Karu Local Government. That title was bestow on him by Esu Karu himself, so he belong to the council of chief Karu Local Government.

“We invited you here today, not because of anything, chairman has come and gone, but I want to tell you please help us tell Honourable Akala that he is a chairman with a difference. The Igala people, we are people of peace and honourable Akala is a man of peace; the Igala people we are people that like progress and Honourable Akala is a progressive entity; the Igala people we are people that love dignity and honourable Akala is a dignified man himself.

Ata-Oja Ademu however implore the honourable chairman for inclusiveness of the Igala community in Karu Local Government in his administration and socio-political planning as the Igala community have not benefited directly from his administration.

He said, “Looking at karu local government he has done a lot here and I want to tell you sir that if he had carried the Igala people along, he would have done more and I want you to know sir to draw your map and include the Igala community, you will never fail politically, you will never fail economically, you will never fail socially and psychological you will never fail.

“So we are waiting, the Igala community, to be called upon one day and have a place and have a say in the affairs of Karu local government being the most populous non-indigenous tribe in Karu local government.

“Now because of what you have done to the people not to the Igala community; if it is to the Igala community, we have benefitted nothing physically, that is the bitter truth but we must chew it but the development he has brought to Karu despite that you did not carry the Igala community along which you would have done better we have seen and we are feeling it and therefore we say thank you Honourable Samuel Akala Gajere for making Karu a town of pride.

“We are therefore presenting an award to him to tell him that we are aware of what he is doing and to tell him that we want him to do more and to tell him that we want him to carry us along.

“So the National President, please help us deliver this award to the executive chairman, karu local government who has been so generous to the igala community, so far that we buy and sell here, and we live here, we sleep here with our two eyes closed. Thank you very much the National President.”, he concluded.

Honourable Akala, through his Councilor, Social Services and Special Duty Abubakar Maiwada expressed appreciation for the Award while pledging to do more for the Igala Community in Karu local government of Nasarawa State.

He said that, “On behalf of my boss the chairman of karu local government, let me give thanks to the Almighty Allah sub hanau wata ala for making us to witness this occasion.

“Actually, he wanted to be here personally but because of tight schedule he is not as he has another official engagement somewhere within the state. let me seize this opportunity to tender his unreserved apology for his inability to be here personally and I hope his apology is accepted, even though he is not here physically, I want to assure you he is here with you.

“As a matter of Fact, this award and traditional title given to my boss is a well deserve one considering his contribution to the development of Karu local government area.

“Honourable Akala has done two and a half years in office but the result are enormous, his achievement in almost nukes and cranny of karu local government are so much visible to the extent that even a blind man can testifies. In fact, he is the best performing local government chairman in the history of Karu Local government in Nasarawa State.

“Igala Community in karu local government area are known to be peaceful. Let me seize this opportunity to call on you to continue to be in peace and harmony as karu local government will continue to partner with you and support your activities both morally and financially when the need arise.

“I want to sincerely thank the organisers of this event, particularly the Ata-Oja of Igala community, karu local government area for organizing this auspicious event and honouring my boss with this prestigious award and traditional title, I am hoping that this spirit of brotherliness and cordiality will continue to grow.

“Finally, I want to sincerely thank you so much for honouring me with this award. Thank you very much!

“May Almighty Allah reward you accordingly!” he concluded.

Meanwhile, the National President, Igala Cultural Development Association (ICDA), Sadiq Aubakar Amodu that also received an Award and the traditional title of ‘Ukata Igala’, through the ICDA Chairman, Karu-Jikwoyi, Ebiojo Muhammed had admonished the Igala community to be resilient saying that nothing good come easy. He also pointed out some of the achievement of his Administration, saying that during his tenure, we were able to build the Igala Unity House in Ayingba, during his tenure there was cultural reawakening of Osho Hunting Expedition which was last done over 60 years ago, and more importantly, that he is able to galvanise cohesion among all the Igala entity fostering unity among Igala sons and daughters all over during his tenure.

Also, The Pro-term President of the Chartered Institute of Forensic and Investigative Professionals of Nigeria (CIFIPN), Dr. (Mrs) Enape Victoria Ayishetu and the widow of the last Ata-Oja Igala, Karu local government, Nasarawa State, Late Honourable Alex Daikwo JP, Mrs. Elizabeth Alex Daikwo among others were recipients of various awards and traditional titles during the occasion.

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