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2020 Budget: The Token for Federal Ministry of Science and Technology



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“Budget of Sustaining Growth and Job Creation” is the year 2020 executive budget proposal of President Mohammadu Buhari presented to joint session of the National Assembly, Abuja on Tuesday, October 8, 2019 with N10. push({}); adsbygoogle || []).push({}); 33 trillion been the total budget. However, N10.33 trillion is estimated as the total Federal Government revenue in 2020 and comprises oil revenue N2.64 trillion, non-oil tax revenues of N1.81 trillion and other revenues of N3.7 trillion. This is 7 percent higher than the 2019 comparative estimate of N7.594 trillion inclusive of the Government Owned Enterprises. According to President Buhari “investing in critical infrastructure is a key component of our fiscal strategy under the 2020 Budget Proposals.

An aggregate sum of N2.46 trillion (inclusive of N318.06 billion in statutory transfers) is proposed for capital projects in 2020”. Although the 2020 capital budget is N721.33 billion (or 23 percent) lower than the 2019 budget provision of N3.18 trillion, it is still higher than the actual and projected capital expenditure outturns for both the 2018 and 2019 fiscal years, respectively. However, at 24 percent of aggregate projected expenditure, the 2020 provision falls significantly short of the 30 percent target in the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP) 2017-2020. Budget deficit is projected to be N2.18 trillion in 2020. This includes draw downs on project-tied loans and the related capital expenditure. This represents 1.52 percent of estimated GDP, well below the 3 percent threshold set by the Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2007, and in line with the ERGP target of 1.96 percent.

The deficit will be financed by new foreign and domestic borrowings, Privatization Proceeds, signature bonuses and draw downs on the loans secured for specific development projects. In terms of debt servicing which has become one of this administration big criticism.2020 budgets, provide the sum of N2.45 trillion for debt service. Of this amount, 71 percent is to service domestic debt which accounts for about 68 percent of the total debt. The sum of N296 billion is provided for the Sinking Fund to retire maturing bonds issued to local contractors.

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The foregoing on 2020 budget is to provide an over view of what the proposal key details entails. However, the concern of this piece is to address cogent aspect of the budget as its affect science and technology in Nigeria. The pattern of budget allocation for the science and technology sector over the last few years’ shows that the allocation to this sector, as not been encouraging, especially if we must consider how critical this sector is to the overall economy development of our nation. For instance in the appropriation bill for the year 2020 N87.35 Billion is allocated for the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology (FMST). A breakdown of this show that for capital project N37.55.billion and recurrent expenditure N49.80 billion. A review of the outgoing year 2019 budget N66, 823,303,434 in the 2019 for the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology (FMST). According to the Appropriation Bill 2019, N35, 020,953,172 is proposed for recurrent expenditure and N31, 802,350,262 for capital expenditure.

According to the 2020 budget details, Federal Ministry of Science and Technology (FMST) are among the top 12 capital and recurrent allocations in the 2020 budget. But unfortunately, it occupied the 12th position on both side. This portrayed that budget for S&T is still not a cardinal priority for us in Appropriation Bill 2020 just as it happen in 2019 budget and others before now. While we acknowledge the importance of all sectors and their relevance, we must also prioritise our development agenda as S&T remains critical. The top 12 capital allocations in 2020 budget are; Works and Housing N259.20 billion; Education N162.74billion; Power N127.67billion;TransportN123.07billion;DefenceN99.87billion;HealthN90.88;AgricultureN79.79billion;Water resourceN78.34billion;Humanitarian affairs and Disaster N54.45billion;Aviation N53.85billion;Industry,trade and investment; Science and Technology N37.55billion

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At recurrent allocations side Defence top the table with N778.59 billion as the war against boko Haram is still much around, one would not expect less for that sector. Education followed next with N490.20 billion; Police affairs N395.83billion; Health N336.32 billion; Interior N219.46 billion; Youth and Sport N168.33 billion; Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) N114.91 billion; Petroleum ResourcesN75.60billion; Foreign Affairs N67.56 billion; Office of the Secretary to the Government of the of the Federation (OSGF) N59.60billion; Agriculture & Rural Development N58.67 billion; while Science and Technology N49.80 billion occupied the 12th position.

The ministry as established has the following mandates:
*Formulation, monitoring and review of the National Policy on Science, Technology and Innovation to attain the macro-economic and social objectives of Vision 20:2020 as it relates to science and technology; *Acquisition and application of science, technology and innovation contribution to increase agricultural and livestock productivity; *Increasing energy reliance through sustainable R&D in nuclear, renewable and alternative energy sources for peaceful and development purposes; *Promotion of wealth creation through support to key industrial and manufacturing sectors; *Creation of technology infrastructure and knowledge base of facilitate its wide application for development; *Application of natural medicine resources and technologies for health sector development; *Acquisition and application of Space Science and Technology as a key driver of economic development; and *Ensuring the impact of R&D results in the Nigerian economy through the promotion of indigenous research capacity to facilitate technology transfer. With Seventeen (17) key agencies

At a time the current government planning to diversify the economy away from crude oil and seek for alternative means to leverage its growth and jobs creation target as well as revenue generation. Critical sectors like Science, Technology, Innovation and Research potentials are nonetheless real and cannot be easily written off. Unlocking this potentials as well as achieving sustainable development is also pragmatically hinged on Science, Technology, and Innovation and Research development.

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As this piece makes case for science and technology in Nigeria, it is in our opinion that for S&T, understanding the political economy and socio-economy context is off due diligence as a matter of course when it comes to budgeting for S&T, knowing the vast of opportunities that come with it. The non-transition over the years by Nigeria’s economy from traditional mono-cultural economy oil is bane her development economically. Nigeria needs a genuine transition, a change of orientation from a consuming nation to a manufacturing economy which creates jobs or bequeaths equitable wealth distribution on citizens.

While we must commend the president for early presentation of the budget to the national Assembly, also we must charge legislature to fulfill their own part to fast-tracking the debate and committee hearing from MDAs and Parastatals .As Nigerians would not entertain delayed passage of budgets that has done incalculable harm to the economy over the years. Infrastructure projects, which catalyse economic developments, suffer most with late implementation. Local investments are delayed as investors tarry to see how their businesses could be affected. This malaise cripples jobs and wealth creation.

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Adefolarin Olamilekan
Adefolarin Olamilekan is a Political Economics and Development Analyst. You can contact him on:
Tel: 08073814436, 08134232272
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Product Review: OPPO Reno11 smartphone



OPPO Reno11’s 67W SUPERVOOCTM Flash Charge technology
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On January 11th, 2024, Folashade Omonijo, Marketing Manager, OPPO NG said OPPO is the world’s leading smart device brand, announcing the global availability of its OPPO Reno11 smartphone with the gracing presence of popular celebrities and media partners at it’s launch event.

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adsbygoogle || []).push({}); adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Fusing eye-catching elegance with an Ultra-Clear Portrait Camera System, spearheaded by a 50MP Main Camera with OIS, and sporting dual stereo speakers, Reno11 unlocks class-leading entertainment, day-long battery life and best-in-class charging speeds.
OPPO Reno11 smartphone Launches Globally with Sleek Styling, Superb Experiences and an Ultra-Clear Portrait Camera System

OPPO Reno11 smartphone Launches Globally with Sleek Styling, Superb Experiences and an Ultra-Clear Portrait Camera System

She further said that, “Reno11 shines with superb experiences, thin and light design, and excellent entertainment credentials. Its Ultra-Clear Portrait Camera System turns it into a creative powerhouse and the long-lasting, fast-charging battery cements Reno11’s winning balance of style and substance.”

Informavores! finds below, some of the features that makes the smart phone to stand-out as it launches Globally with Sleek Styling, Superb Experiences and an Ultra-Clear Portrait Camera System:

Elevated Style meets Brilliant Visuals and Stereo Sound

Reno11 flows effortlessly into your life with its gorgeous 3D Curved Design and a slim and lightweight body. At just 7.99mm1 thin, it feels sleek, and weighing 182g, is comfortable to hold, even after long bouts of streaming or reading.

Looking striking with its Shimmering Silk Design and OPPO Glow technique, OPPO’s honed its design process to achieve a beautifully textured look with a smooth feel. Available in two colours, Wave Green and Rock Grey, both are inspired by nature and catch light exquisitely.

In Wave Green, Reno11 conjures images of green sea waves under a clear sky with its Shimmering Silk Design. To achieve this elegant style, OPPO pioneered a new technique of pattern transfer from natural fabric, adding an organic authenticity to Reno11’s aesthetic.

For more subdued style, Reno11 in Rock Grey reveals layers of bright and soft silver-grey glitter when held up to the light. Manufactured with the exclusive OPPO Glow process, tiny sparkling crystals are etched at the microscopic level to create a finish that not only sparkles, but also appears soft and smooth.

Embracing contrast, Reno11’s Sunshine Ring camera system rises from its rich-looking back, teasing the capable Ultra-Clear Portrait Camera System within.

When using Reno11, its 120Hz 3D curved screen pulls focus with its large 6.7” size and punchy display technology. Framed by an ultra-slim border for an almost all-screen experience, its 93% screen-to-body ratio is both supremely immersive and class-leading.

This immersion continues to Reno11’s brilliant 10-bit AMOLED screen, showcasing over 1 billion colours for natural-looking gradients and more true-to-life visuals. HDR10+ certification conjures enchanting highlights and atmospheric shadows, and with dual stereo speakers, movies and shows sound as good as they look.

Crank up your favourite tunes or give quiet tracks a boost with Reno11’s Ultra Volume Mode, with 300% volume from the dual stereo loudspeakers. Reno11 also boosts in-call volume by up to 200% for easy-to-hear conversations

Strike a Pose with Portrait-Perfect Photos And Enjoy studio-grade portrait photography with OPPO Reno1

With OPPO’s Ultra-Clear Portrait Camera System, Reno11 captures studio-grade portrait photography.

Get up close to subjects with a 32MP telephoto camera matched with a 47mm equivalent, 2x telephoto zoom which captures with a classical point of view for portraits, similar to the perspective of a human eye. The Sony IMX709 sensor powering this 2x experience doesn’t just capture crisp, detailed photos, it also features an RGBW pixel arrangement for a 60% increase in photosensitivity and 35% less noise than comparable traditional sensors.

With a powerful 50MP Ultra-Clear Main Camera with OIS, a fast f/1.8 lens and Sony’s new LYT600 sensor, expect an impressive, all-purpose camera you can lean on. And for expansive landscapes, Reno11’s ultra-wide 8MP camera covers an all-seeing 112º field of view

Reno11’s camera takes portrait imaging beyond hardware. Having teamed up with portrait photography experts from around the world, OPPO’s Portrait Expert Engine powers Reno11’s portrait photography. This engine results in a four-part process to capture tasteful, beautiful portrait photos, starting with Facial Recognition + Subject/Scene Separation, followed by Skin Tone Protection, then Clarity and Facial Enhancement, and finally Portrait and Environment Merging.

President Muhammadu Buhari hosts APC governors and leaders to lunch in London on Sunday July 23 Photo source: Twitter, NGRPresident

Reno11 combines this advanced portrait algorithm with its pro-grade Portrait Mode. This captures natural-looking portraits at either 1x or 2x zoom with incredible subject, object, and edge separation. In addition, advanced flattering safeguards individuality, while adjustable bokeh empowers the photographer to adjust focus more precisely.

More than a versatile stills camera, Reno11 also captures 4K ultra-clear video from both the main camera and 32MP selfie camera, so you can record, vlog, post and express yourself without sacrificing on quality

ColorOS 14 for Effortless Work and Play

So much more than just stylish, the Reno11 ColorOS 14 experience is exceptional, fusing beauty, security, productivity, reliability, and longevity.

With File Dock, easily save images, text or files for quick drag-and-drop access across your apps. Smart Touch captures images, text, and even text within images from a screenshot with ease. Finally, Smart Image Matting easily, quickly cuts out up to six subjects from a photo and saves the image in File Dock, so you can turn it into a sticker or share it directly with another app.

Behind the scenes, ColorOS 14’s next-generation Trinity Engine ensures fast and smooth performance. ROM Vitalisation can save up to 19GB of extra space from a total 256GB storage2 by compressing unused data and removing duplicated files. RAM Vitalisation can keep up to 28 apps running in the background for 72 hours2. While CPU Vitalisation learns usage habits and optimises processes for a smoother, longer-lasting experience2. OPPO’s 48-Month Fluency Protection also means Reno11 is optimised for today, tomorrow, and years to come

Flagship-level Connectivity and an End to Battery Anxiety

Reno11 is powered by a MediaTek Dimensity 7050 chipset, delivering 6nm computing that makes confident multi-tasking, gaming and demanding tasks like 4K video capture possible.

Up to 12GB RAM and an additional 12GB available with RAM Expansion means Reno11 can work across multiple apps and games without background apps being closed. And with 128GB or 256GB storage and storage expansion of up to 2TB via microSD card, enjoy a library of offline movies and games, making Reno11 a perfect travel companion.

For stable signal you can rely on, whether browsing, talking or texting, OPPO’s self-developed network optimisation engine, LinkBoost, achieves up to 100% higher signal transmission and 44% stronger reception than competitor devices2. LinkBoost combines AI network selection and a 360-degree surround antenna design for the most stable signal possible with minimum downtime.

For Reno11 users in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Mexico, OPPO has taken LinkBoost even further, tuning the technology to get you back online up to 87% faster than competing devices after leaving an elevator, dropping signal in a fast-moving vehicle, a crowded environment or when underground.

Go the distance with Reno11’s long-lasting, large 5000mAh battery, confidently getting you through a full, connected day, and with OPPO’s Battery Health Engine, look forward to four years of day-long use2. When you do need to power up, unlock 67W SUPERVOOCTM Flash Charging4 using the supplied charger for a 33% top-up in 10 minutes2, and a 100% charge in just 45 minutes.

So, OPPO is a leading global smart device brand. Since the launch of its first mobile phone – Smiley Face – in 2008, OPPO has been in relentless pursuit of the perfect synergy of aesthetic satisfaction and innovative technology. Today, OPPO provides a wide range of smart devices spearheaded by the Find and Reno series.

Beyond devices, OPPO also provides its users with ColorOS operating system and internet services such as OPPO Cloud and OPPO+. OPPO has footprints in more than 60 countries and regions, with more than 40,000 employees dedicated to creating a better life for customers around the world


Author Profile

Abdulrahman Obaje
Abdulrahman Obaje
Prince Abdulrahman Obaje is a Media, Information and Computer Technology Consultant. A quintessential Journalist, online marketer, social media strategist, Mathematician and Computer Scientist is based in Abuja, Nigeria. He is the Founder and the Publisher of The Informavores!. You can reach me on +234 805 939 5252 or send i-witness report directly to me on
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Renewable Energy Has Enormous Potential To Grow The Power Sector – Expert



President REEEA-A, Prof. Magnus Onuoha
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An energy experts and the President REEEA-A, Prof. Magnus Onuoha, say that renewable energy has enormous potential to grow the power sector, hence, promoting  national  development.

He reiterated this in Abuja on Tuesday 1st August, 2023  at the inauguration of the newly elected members of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Associations Alliance ( REEEA-A)/ a one-day media training. adsbygoogle || []).push({}); adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Prof. Onuoha, further said that renewable energy and energy efficiency had so much potential for women empowerment, youth development and national growth.

“But we barely have a cadre of local indigenous developers as most of  the products and finance were not accessible to Nigerian developers.

“Here in Nigeria, the fuel subsidy removal, the Electricity Act recently signed into law, rising cost of energy dominant systems and measures, have showed that it is time for a  critical rapprochement and behavioural change toward renewable energy and energy efficiency.

“Not just as a policy document but as an implementable system for domestic, rural, urban, commercial and industrial development, ‘’ he said.

Onuoha said that in 2019, seven associations came together and saw the need for a common voice in the renewable energy and energy efficient sector.

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He listed the associations as Association of Energy Engineers – AEE, Council for Renewable Energy Nigeria – CREN, Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria –REAN, Renewable Energy Associations Society of Nigeria – RAESON.

Others he said were the Sustainable Energy Practitioners Association of Nigeria, – SEPAN Women in Renewable Energy Association – WIRE-A

According to him, with the generous support of development partners the associations had remained strong.

“And after three years of trying to get everyone on the same page, representing the industry and associations within the industry and at the same time sensitising government on the roles Nigerian developers have to play.

“We are taking it not just one step further but reinforcing the foundation that has been laid, and building multiple stories of vertical integrations that will change the industry, ”he said.

Onuoha said that there was the need to develop the capacity of developers, installers, advocates and policy formulators. If we do not have capacity, we shall be at the mercy of others.

He said that without the requisite capacity, indigenous expertise could not be built to sustain national growth.

“With enough capacity, we can create green jobs, create employment, create entrepreneurs and evolve women and youth empowerment.

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“As the President of REEEA-A, I, alongside my colleagues on the Governing Council pledge to work assiduously to ensure that renewable energy  and energy efficiency become the go-to technologies to power Nigeria, ”he said.

On her part,  Mrs Joy Ogaji, the Executive Secretary, Association of Power Generation Companies (APGC), said that the introduction of  consolidated power framework that includes cleaner renewable energy sources in Nigeria’s energy mix would facilitate the development of renewable energy solutions.

Ogaji said that there was the need to introduce cut–edge technology to improve power distribution and monitoring and also encourage private sector investment.

She said that the proposed reforms are expected to improve the competitiveness, financial viability and service delivery in the sector.

According to her, the payment/liquidity and security of supply as major challenges in the region should be looked into  to ensure that the region realise regional power integration to its fullest potential.

“There is the need to put in place several measures to improve confidence in the regional power market such as

”Improving sector creditworthiness, through a well-designed and securitisation model to encourage the provision of guarantees.

Ogaji said that for West Africa to ensure energy security for her growing economies, developing a strategic framework through regional integration coordinated and bench marked must be promoted when developing respective energy sectors.

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“There is also urgent need to encourage move towards willing seller/willing buyer contracts to effectively balance risk and reward in the sector, ‘she said.

Author Profile

Abdulrahman Obaje
Abdulrahman Obaje
Prince Abdulrahman Obaje is a Media, Information and Computer Technology Consultant. A quintessential Journalist, online marketer, social media strategist, Mathematician and Computer Scientist is based in Abuja, Nigeria. He is the Founder and the Publisher of The Informavores!. You can reach me on +234 805 939 5252 or send i-witness report directly to me on
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Science and Technology

Meet The Youngest Nigerian Certified AWS Developer Associate In Africa



Computer Programmer Joshua Agboola
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A 13-yr-old  Computer Programmer Joshua Agboola from Nigeria has emerged the youngest Certified Amazon Web Services Developer Associate in Africa .

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Agboola achieved the feat after a grueling two-hour examination that tested his skills and knowledge in deploying, troubleshooting, and development on the AWS cloud platform. adsbygoogle || []).push({}); adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Agboola, in an interview with NAN in Lagos on Sunday 30th July, 2023 said he was inspired to achieve the feat because of his outstanding performance  in his AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner examination earlier in the year.

He said that as a result, he was encouraged by his father to take his pursuit of a cloud career further by sitting for the next level certification.

Agboola said that though he had developed an interest in DevOps, the popular progression was to go for the Solutions Architect Associate certification, and this was what he did.

“I was initially preparing for the Solutions Architect Associate certification which is the next certification most people take in their AWS cloud journey, but had a change of mind for a tougher developer associate certification due to encouragement from an older friend programmer.

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‘’The light bulb went up in my head, and I began studying the next day.

‘’The possibility of clinching the title of the youngest Developer Associate in the world, which is an equivalent of a world record in the cloud space, also became a strong motivation for me,’’ he said.

According  to him, I prepared for the test by studying for about two to five hours daily for about six weeks.

Agboola said the first two weeks of study was  to appreciate the core concepts of the course and also gain knowledge of all the topics that could come up in the exam.

According to him, this turned part of study time into revision time and had to cover the content of the Solutions Architect course earlier which gladden me because my practicing has paid off.

The 13-year-old internet sensation said his achievement in the cloud space had gotten noticed, saying “A tech. company in Lagos has already offered to provide me with further technical mentorship”.

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He dedicated his achievement to young people who wish to build a career in technology while encouraging the young ones  to go for their dreams.

According to Amazon, getting certified as an AWS Developer Associate showcases knowledge and understanding of core AWS services, and proficiency in developing, deploying, and debugging cloud-based applications.

Amazon said the organizations with AWS certified developers have the assurance of having the right talent to give them a competitive advantage and ensure stakeholders and customers satisfaction.

“Preparing for and attaining this certification gives certified individuals more confidence and credibility,” it added.

NAN reports that earlier, Agboola had taken and passed the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification becoming the youngest in Africa to do so.

Likewise, on July 17, 2023, he  sat for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate examination and passed with flying colours which is another first for Africa. 

Cloud services are infrastructure, platforms, or software that are hosted by third-party providers and made available to users through the internet.

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Author Profile

Abdulrahman Obaje
Abdulrahman Obaje
Prince Abdulrahman Obaje is a Media, Information and Computer Technology Consultant. A quintessential Journalist, online marketer, social media strategist, Mathematician and Computer Scientist is based in Abuja, Nigeria. He is the Founder and the Publisher of The Informavores!. You can reach me on +234 805 939 5252 or send i-witness report directly to me on
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