How to Get Nigeria Out of Poverty, Insecurity – Dr. Ndubuaku

The National Secretary, Academic Staff Union of Research Institutions (ASURI)، Dr. Theophilus C N. Ndubuaku reiterated that the inauguration of the National Research and Innovation Council will solve a lot of our national issues especially the problems of poverty and insecurities.

Dr. Ndubuaku expressing confidence in the National Research and Innovation Council (NRIC) Bill disclosed this during a media chat with a group of journalists in Abuja on Thursday.

Dr. Ndubuaku noted that the continued neglect in research in Science and technology (S&T) by the successive government is the underlying cause of insecurity and Poverty that is threatening to dismember the nation.

Dr. NdubuaKu said that, “neglect to research since Nigeria independence has been responsible for our richly endowed nation turning to the poverty Capital of the world and degenerating to a failed State”.

“Science and technology is a tools used by many developed nation like China, India, Japan and others. At independence Nigeria was far better than those nations, but today we are backwards because of negligence in research, science and technology”.

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“The implementation of the National Policy on Science and Technology was turned down for not less than 13 times from 1966 till January 7. 2016 when President Muhammadu Buhari inaugurated the NRIC., he noted.

In a previous report by Premium Times, President Muhammad Buhari said that he is aware of the potential of science and technology, if Nigeria must take it rightful position as Giant of Africa.

During his first meeting with NRIC, PMB said “I am aware that Nigeria must accord high priority to science and technology if it must take it’s rightful place among the leading economies in the world “.

“The vision of Nigeria’s to become 20 largest economies by 2020 is to focus attention on science, technology and Innovation” .

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He maintained that, Nigeria is either second to none or maybe USA in terms of human and natural resources endowment from God, which means Nigeria should be among the richest nation’s in the world.

According to Dr. Theophilus Ndubuaku who said “establishing NRIC is the solution to the current high rate of unemployment, Mass poverty, widespread ritual killings, kidnapping and so many social menace that brings Nigeria profile to all time low in West Africa”.

The NRIC Bill is set to address numerous problem confronting research Institute like, self-funded research by researchers to keep their careers and near zero allocation to research Institutions. More so, Nigeria career researchers are the poorest cadre of public service as they use all their resources for self-training and publications of their works.

Dr. Theophilus Ndubuaku debunked the insinuation by TETfund that they are funding research Institutes as the universities research Institute is tailored only to how classroom lectures are being delivered and not towards National Developmental Research.

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Dr. Ndubuaku, urged Mr. President to give a speedy accent to the amended Bill and possibly appoint the Executive Secretary to supervise the amendment if any so that the country can move forward.

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