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Woman Vindicates Pastor Chris Over Alleged Staged Miracle

The   woman, identified  as Mrs Bose Ola,  at the centre of alleged staged healing miracle involving  popular Pastor Chris Okafor, founder of Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministry, has come out to  explain exonerate the cleric.

The woman told newsmen on Saturday that she visited Pastor Chris church in Lagos in her curious search for solution for her injured arm, and actually got ‘healed.’

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A video had earlier gone viral on social media showing two different pastors healing a woman with a deformity on her right arm.

The pastors performed the supposed miracles at different times, and locations, but with the same woman with the same problem, a bulgy right arm. push({});

While one of the pastors could not be readily identified, the other has been reportedly identified as Pastor Chris Okafor.

The Lagos-based clergy was seen performing the miracle on the lady inside his church auditorium to the admiration of his large congregation.

He was seen praying for the woman, as he lays his hands on the affected part commanding the ‘witches to return the stolen bone.’

The trendy videos have however attracted mixed reactions on social media, with many questioning   the credibility of such miracles.

However, Mrs Ola  said  that she actually visited many ‘solution houses’ and different churches,  in search for remedy for the long-term infirmity on her arm, until she recently visited Pastor Chris’s church, where she got ‘healed’.

She explained  that before now, she had on  several occasions received ‘healing miracles’ on the said arm, but the pain would resurfaced after  a while, and that was why she kept  on going to different religious houses.

“ I am from Ibarapa Local Government Area of Oyo State, and I stay in Ajegunle lagos state from where   my sister-inlaw took me to Liberation Church because of my problem.

“I had an accident and broke my right arm some years ago, but it did not get healed completely, and have been giving me serious pains.

“Because of this challenge, I have move from one place to another, until I came to  Liberation Church and the man of God prayed for me and I received my healing.

“Before now, I used to get healed, but the problem will come back after few days, and that was why I was visiting different places in search for solutions.

“I  gave nobody money and nobody gave me money, people should leave the man of God alone, because since he prayed for me  I have  been fine and have not visited another place for solution ,”she said.

Another lady who identified herself as Fatila Ibrahim, said the embattled woman is her sister-inlaw, and have decided to bring Mrs Ola to her place because of continuous confrontations since the release of the said video.

“The problem she was having was the reason we were taking her to different places, including native doctors, Alfa and pastors, and they all said is a spiritual attack”

“She used to get relief, but after some time, the affliction will come again,” she said.

Ibrahim lamented that video was perhaps recorded by detractors to smear the Pastor Chris’s name and ministry.

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