2019 Budget: FHA Committed to Affordable Mass Housing

The Federal Housing Authority, FHA is committed to providing affordable mass housing to every categories of income earners in Nigeria,
expressing confidence on how he inject new live into the housing authority.

The Managing Director of the Authority Professor Mohammed AL- Amin, while reacting to questions from journalists regarding the
NBS =N= 17 million housing deficit report, during appearance before the Honorable Committee on housing on Tuesday , said that with the current program, if the proposal of =N=20 billion is approved it will help to reduce that reports for National Bureau of Statistics, NBS.

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Professor Mohammed Al-Amin, reiterated that =N=20 billion proposal is for the take-off of the nationwide Mass Housing Program. adsbygoogle || []).push({});

He also stated that, having experiment with the pilot project at Abuja; it’s clear that it is possible to provide Nigerians with affordable housing all over the nation.

He said, “In 2019 budget proposal the authority projected revenue target of
=N= 5.04 billion with sales (deposit for housing) account for 58% of the budget, while projected recurrent and capital expenditures are
=N= 2.48 billion and 2.52 billion respectively”.

“The country is categorized into three sections, that is, high, medium and low income earners, therefore any further development should put this factors into consideration. “

Professor Mohammed Al-Amin also stressed that =N= 4 billion is committed to Abuja Mass Housing Pilot Project, he assured of its completion before the second quarter of 2019.

While explaining FHA 2018 budget performance revealed that, in the past the FHA run at a deficit, but in the last year there was a surplus remitted to government treasury .

Professor Mohammed AL-Amin in his 2019 budget proposals, proposed
=N= 20 billion for the take-off of the nationwide Mass Housing Program.

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