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The Nigerian Youths And The Challenges Of Generation Gap; A Call To Action

The Nigerian Youths and The Challenges Of Generation Gap; A Call To Action

From time immemorial, the roles of youths in any human society determined the survival of the continual existence of the society. Every society like the living organism depends on the productive energies of youthful productive age. A generation is; “all of the people born and living at about the same time, regarded collectively”. It can also

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Inikpi Statue in Idah, Kogi State

The Making of Heroes, Saints and Martyres; The Point of Departure in Deconstructing the Inikpi Legend of Igala Land

The history of the Igala people and their kingdom is surffused with invasions, battles, wars and conquests just like many people of other kingdoms who were their contemporaries in those days of closed societies. The climax in their historical account was the altruistic sacrifice by the Atta (King) of Igala

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