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When Wind Blows: Shine Your Eyes and Ears

Micah Ugala, - A Columnist on

People who have been in and around the corridors of power, are not carrying the issue of who, or which party emerges, on their own heads.

Hence, the likes of OBJ, Doyin Okupe, Buba Galadima etc. are splitting their family support base. So that whoever emerges, they will benefit.

When will the MASSES learn a lesson from them, and place demands that will also benefit the MASSES, irrespective of who, or whichever party emerges? Instead of sticking their heads for a particular candidate or party, while the ruling class don’t have any problem with whoever and whichever party emerges. As long as their interests are taken care of, the only ones among the ruling class we the MASSES hear shouting and complaining on top of their voices, are those whose interests are not accommodated, and the ruling party cannot contain.

Or have we seen or heard anyone among the ruling class complaining? If not those who cannot secure a return ticket from the ruling party?

One way to ensure whoever, or whichever party that emerges, the MASSES’ interest is covered is, to support and vote for ONLY those that are ready and willing to patronize all our Public Institutions, Facilities, Systems and Infrastructures. Instead of these ones I compared to a cook that is not ready or willing to savour the taste of the meal he prepares and serve.

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