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ADP Better Option For Nigerians – Presidential Candidate

ADP Presidential Candidate

The presidential candidate of the Action Democratic Party (ADP), Engr.  Yabagi Sani has stated that the party remains the best option in February’s presidential polls.

Speaking at the forum of candidates of the Action Democratic Party (ADP)  in Abuja,  he revealed that the party was about being the second in the country in terms of rating.

He cautioned party candidates against anti party, stating that the party was willing to win all elective positions in the general election.

He urged party faithful to look at his religious and Northern origin as an advantage,  adding that he is the most qualified candidates so far.

He said: “the Presidential position is the North I am from the North, and if it’s Muslim religion, I am a Muslim. So in any way I am qualified. ”

ADP Presidential candidate further admonished youth to take their stand and choose the right leader, since they constituted 55% of voting population according to INEC statistics.

“Youth use your voters card and take your destiny by your vote to choose who will guarantee your future”,  he said.

Sani further criticised the Present government of APC,  saying,  “the leader that is not in charge of his government is not capable to lead.”

“I draw my inspiration from the comments of Aisha Buhari that cabals are the ones ruling the government.”


Sani urged Nigerians to vote him as a right person that can change Nigeria for good.  He said, “a vote for APC is further install the cabals and PDP that rule for sixteen years have no good credentials to vote them again”.

He said “Nigerians needs a vibrant leader that will expose them to the greater world, I volunteer myself for the great task”.

While stressed his chances of winning the Presidential election coming February 2019, the ADP Presidential candidate assured Nigerians of proper resource management.

He said ” as it stands presently, government has no knowledge of quantity of crude oil production neither,  it knows that of gas, and this sector constitute 80% of National revenue”

According to Sanni, he said” there is no way a country of over 200 millions can be ruled blindly like that, I will bring positive change”

The Presidential candidate insecurity in the country which he attributed it to bad governance, and he boasted that if given mandate, he assured Nigerians that he will tackle that insecurity with good governance.

More so, in an interview with givernortorial candidate of Action Democratic Party in River State Mr. Victor T. Festus. Who categorically assured the good people of Rivers State that if voted in to power he will change the fortunes of Rivers State.

“Rivers is blessed with so many resources, but equitable distribution of that resources is our major problem. But that is my major projects, I will do justice if voted into power as governor of Rivers State”.

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