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Our Public Facilities: A Cook Unwilling To Take Self-prepared Broth

When Wind Blows Author

Femi Gbajabiamila, member House of Reps from Lagos, and indeed the entire House of Reps stood against the Bill seeking to restrict the children and wards of our Public office holders (appointed and elected) to our Public Schools, as a means to make the officers do the needful therein.

Citing infringement on the right of the Public officers to freedom of choice.

The very big question is, how about the right to “Free and Effective Education, the MASSES they claim to, and ought to represent possess, according to the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria?

Our Public officers are currently doing all within and beyond their reach to occupy our Public offices, but have all abandoned all our Public Institutions, Facilities, Systems and Infrastructures to deteriorate to a near none existence level. Meanwhile, about 98% of our Public officers today, are products of our Public Schools, and we’re nursed through our Public Hodoitals. But it’s time to train their children, they are sending them abroad.

The very few that are here at home, are all in private facilities owned by their friends and cronies.

A scenario I have compared to a cook that is not ready or willing to savour the taste of the meal he prepares and serve. Who among us will be willing to eat such meal, or continue to engage the services of such a cook?

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