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Atiku Abubakar Lack Leadership Quality – Senator Abu Ibrahim

Senator Abu Ibrahim from Katsina North

Senator Abu Ibrahim from Katsina North in an interface with journalists in his office on Wednesday described PDP Presidential candidate Alhaji Atiku Abubakar as an unstable man who float from one party to another.

While speaking he said “APC under the leadership of Mohammadu Buhari is not intimidated of Atiku because he lacks the capacity to win Presidential election coming February 2019 due to his unable style of politics .

“Atiku has been a member of virtually every known party in Nigeria. People don’t take him as a serious person, he can’t keep leadership, he cannot fight the course of the common man he only fights for himself”.

The Katsina-born lawmaker also spoke on the workings on the committee of Police affairs where he chair from 2015 – 2018, he threw more light on the matter saying that people didn’t know much about it at all and the efforts to re-position laws that will strengthen Police.

He said “When I took over I studied the police very well and I realised that police is seriously underfunded and that all over the world the police is not funded by government budget alone, they have direct revenues coming to them in terms of direct funding”.

According to Abu Ibrahim, he said “When Yar’ardua came, he did his own and now we are looking for a permanent solution which is law, that will make provision for police directly and there should be establishment of a committee which the Vice president should chair.

That money should be between N200billion to N300billion a year additionally from the budget”.

Senator Abu Ibrahim speak on upward Progressives of his political carriers. “Actually I have been very much in touch with my constituency, we can communicate very well, we respect each other and I think I cherish their confidence for such a long time” .

He comments on the credibility of the National Chairman of All Progressive Congress Comrade Adams Oshiomhole of his efforts to unite the party, he said “he was a governor for 8 years, he was chairman of NLC and he understands Nigeria very well. He knows the intrigues of leadership and therefore he came with a mission. His mission is to change the status-quo. That is why he was having issues with some governors who will like to sit in their house and appoint everybody”

Therefore what Oshiomhole is doing now is for the future and good of APC because every member will feel at home with the party, feel happy with the party, he will feel that his rights are not trampled upon.

Senator Abu therefore advice the voters and on the issues of development. We had PDP administration for 16 years. We know them, we can’t trust them to go there again and continue to mess up things again. Because they will never accept the wrongs they have made before, therefore they cannot go and correct things.

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