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The Urgent Need For Common Interest Based Conversations and Engagements

Micah Ugala, - A Columnist on

At this point in our National life, we should not be engaging based on Individuals, Platforms, Regimes, Religions, Ethnicity etc.

The present quagmire we find ourselves today, is the direct handwork of the COLLECTIVE actions and inactions of all those that have seen themselves anywhere near the corridors of Power in this country. Be it at Federal, States and Local levels. Or at the Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary Arms of Government.

Just as in the game of football, both players and coaches, even the Club ownership do change hands. But our people here, will be fighting and killing themselves, that it must be either Chelsea, Man U, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Barcelona etc.

But Chelsea players and coach today, can be Arsenal players and coach tomorrow. Same thing with their owner.
In life, nothing seem to be permanent, except interests. The idea of fighting and keeping enmity because of a politician or political party, when if need be, the politicians and the party(ies) can come together anytime, as long as their interests are well taken care of.

As Nigerians, outside the ruling class, what is our common interest(s)? Such common interests should form the basis of our collective engagements. Not which individual is coming on board, not which political party is going to be the ruling party, not which religions does the candidates belong, not which region the candidates come from etc.
For me, things like our Public Hospitals, Public Schools, our roads, Power supply, portable water supply, Housing etc. should be our concern, and form the basis of our engagements.

All these divisive tendencies, statements and strategies are all push forward by the ruling class to keep us divided, to their selfish, greedy and corrupt advantages.

If we observe carefully, anytime there is a change of platform, the ruling class all move in, it is only those that are not or cannot be accommodated that always or usually speak with different voice.

Why can’t we the MASSES use these things listed above and many more as our common ground and interest, to form the basis of our unity, since they all serve our collective interests? If we can find a common ground around those things and allow ourselves to be united in pushing for the realization of those things, the ruling class in their few numbers compared to we MASSES can NEVER have their way against our COLLECTIVE voice and interests. But like the very wise and popular saying have it, “United we stand, divided we fall”

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