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Poverty Alleviation: Onu Igala Karu-Jikwoyi Empowers Igala Women

Onu Igala in conjuction with Helpline Foundation empowers Karu-Jikwoyi Igala community women

True to his promise of empowering and alleviating poverty, the Ogah Attah and Onu Igala, Karu-Jikwoyi, His Royal Highness, Ede Abdulsallam Tijani Musa in conjuction with Helpline Foundation has empowered Igala women in Jikwoyi-Karu and environ.

HRH Ede Abdulsallam in conjuction with Hepline Foundation, empower 20 women with the sum of =N=20,000,00k(twenty thousand naira only) each in Karu-Jikwoyi Igala Community.

This empowerment is in form of an interest-free revolving loan scheme payable within a period of ten months at the rate of five hundred naira per week.

In his statement, HRH Ede Abdullsalam said, “I know this sum of money is very small, but at the same time, there are many petty businesses that some of our women can start with the sum of twenty thousand, even if you give some people ten thousand naira, you will be surprised what they will do with it.

“This is though, the start as the scheme is a continuous process.”, he continued.

He also assured that the scheme is a continuous process and that anybody that show commitment to the continuity of the scheme, will be rewarded with double of what the person is able to save at the end of the payment period.

HRH Abdulsallam said, “If anybody can maintain the payment schedule and still have savings in her account, such person will be given times two of what she has in her savings.”

“And we want the payment to be five hundred naira every week. This is to enable the people involved to be meeting every week and also be getting useful business counselling that would benefit them and enhance their business.

“At the end of every month, the initial scheme will also be able to empower another set of two people and so on.”, he continued.

In their word, the representatives of HelpLine Foundation “thank the good people of Karu Jikwoyi Igala Community and most especially, His Royal Highness, Ede Abdulsallam T. Musa for facilitating the program in the community.”

“We initially planned to empower ten women with ten thousand naira only, but with the persuasion of HRH Abdullsalam, we have to double the sum and the participants to twenty thousand naira and twenty women respectively.

“We have been together with His Royal Highness for a long time in this foundation and when his turn reached, he insists that we use it to assist his people instead of being assisted alone.

“We are happy that we are here and we also thank the Igala community for their warm reception.” She concluded.

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