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Over 250,000 Nigerians Set To Loose Their Jobs Due To Hike In Excise Duty On Local Distillers Of Wine And Spirits – DIBAN.

Over 250,000 Nigerians Set To Loose Their Jobs Due To Hike In Excise Duty On Local Distillers Of Wine And Spirits - DIBAN.

Distillers and blenders association of Nigeria, sub-sectoral group of manufactures association of Nigeria (MAN) has petition the Senate over the hike of excise tariff increment on Local distillers of Wine and Spirits.

The petitioner, Chairman Distillers And Blenders Association of Nigeria (DIBAN), Chief (Engr.) Patrick Anegbe implore the National Assembly (Senate) to help salvage the DIBAN from looming extinction.

The implications of the proposed implementation of the policy by federal government is brought to the awareness of the senate at the public hearing held by Senate Committee on Finance under the Chairmanship of Senator John Owan Enoh.

The committee on finance was mandated to carry out further legislative action to enable the Senate adopt a comprehensive decision and make a proper intervention to instigate the effect of the excise tariff increment on local distillers of beverage and tobacco manufacturers.

While speaking at the National Assembly, the representatives of Minister of finance Dr Nyache, a Director in the ministry make a claim that stakeholders are been carried in such type of policy, and every party agreed on the intention of the federal government.

The Director equally noted that the increment is effort to grow the Internal Generated Revenue (IGR) for the Federal Government.

While reacting to the claim made by the representatives of the Ministry of Finance, Senator Yusuf Abubakar Yusuf representing Taraba Central said that “it will not be wise, that in an attempt to increase the IGR, we kill the businesses of local manufacturers in the country there will be no gain “.

The Senate maintained that the consequences, by implications is to open our country to smugglers to smuggle wine and spirits in to Nigeria, hence the local competitors would no longer stand.

While briefing journalists at the National Assembly, the Chairman of DIBAN, Chief (Engr.) Patrick Anegbe said that “the claims of the representatives of the Ministry was not true reflection, that my association was not informed”

He further stated that, “the policy of federal government only target on local distillers and it doesn’t apply to our foreign counterpart that import Wine and Spirits to Nigeria”, thereby making local distillers incapacitated.

“Government is trying to create jobs for its citizens and at the same time trying to kill the establishment by their policy, that is not fair” he continued.

He acknowledge that the policy is to create jobs for another nation instead of creating jobs for Nigerians, the policy is capable of sending investors packing to another country to establish their business.

Accordingly, Senator Umaru Ibrahim Kurfi who presided over the public hearing on behalf of the Chairman, having consider the position of many gears to review the excise Duty.

The Senate through committee of Finance promised to do their best to draw the attention of the federal government to rethink the policy.

Urging Nigerians and the employee of the Local distillers of wine and spirits that they will do everything to protect their jobs, because the mantra of this Present Government is to create jobs not to terminate jobs through policy.

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