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House Committee Blows Hot, Seeks End To Fuel Importation

House Committee Blows Hot, Seeks End To Fuel Importation

The Ad-Hoc Committee Investigating the Turn Around Maintenance (TAM) of the nation’s Four refineries, headed by Hon. Datti Muhammad, Monday, sought an end to fuel importation in the country.

Hon. Datti expressed deep concerns over the incapability of the Nigeria refineries to meet the fuel need in the country at the commencement of a 2 day investigative hearing in Abuja.

Despite the fact that Nigeria is an oil producing nation, bulk of its oil need is still imported. A situation he said would not be allowed to continue, hence, the need to get to the root of malfunctioning of the Refineries.

The Ad-hoc Committee followed a motion moved by Hon. Isiaka Ibrahim representing Ifo/Ewekoro Federal Constituency who expressed disappointment over under-performance of Refineries despite huge resources  allotted it by past governments.

“I am deeply worried that Nigeria has four refineries and yet we are depending on the importation of petroleum products to use in this country.

Part of the mandate of the Committee is to look into the total output of the Refineries and activities of the NNPC, the Chairman of the Committee said.

“We are set to investigate the activities of NNPC as regards to the output of the four National Refineries.”

“And the money appropriated to that sector every year in the budget and yet Nigeria continues to import in large quantities petroleum products to satisfy Nigerians.

The Chairman was optimistic that the investigation would save costs of Refineries maintenance in future.

Officials of the National Petroleum Corporation and those of the Central Bank of Nigeria were present.

Meanwhile, the Chief Operating Officer of the NNPC debunked impression that there was yearly Turn Around Maintenance. According to him, it was comprehensive maintenance that was last carried out on the Refineries.

The Committee urged NNPC Chief Operating Officer to take the investigation seriously, saying that he should furnish it with detailed information that would assist the completion of investigations.

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