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High Level of Underdevelopment and Poverty in Nigeria Due To Elites Conspiracy against Chapter Two of the Nigerian Constitution

Poverty in Nigeria

It is no longer news that the pre and post- Independence Nigerian intellectuals and intelligentsias were divided along the ideological divide occasioned by the rage of Cold-War between  Europe, the USA and the then Soviet Union. The brutal onslaught of capitalism globally often manifested in deadly wars and economic imperialism across the globe led by the western allies.

Eventually, the African continent yielded to capitalist domination through years of colonization before the political independence at the turn of the 20th century. Those young articulate pro-socialist revolutionaries’ were cut down in their prime across the continent. Since then, the political leadership of the then nascent independent countries of Africa was handed over to the pro- Western capitalist moles planted as puppets by the colonial powers.

These puppets in quick succession seized control of political power sometimes through sham elections or military coups. During the political bureau debate, the Nigeria Labour Congress represented the Nigerian people as it demanded for a socialist Nigeria. In the subsequent National Conference, the NLC delegates and some progressives joined forces to defeat the Nigerian ruling class when they attempted to abrogate chapter Two of the Nigerian constitution.

It is the most important of provision of the constitution which provides for the unemployment benefits in section 17.

It unequivocally states that; we the people shall control the commanding heights of the economy. All the needed social welfares are enshrined in this chapter, but the political ruling class conspired to ignore it and instead left it as mare decoration to the body of the constitution.

Flowing from the trajectory of this class conspiracy, Generation for Change Africa Initiative GfCAI hereby challenges the organized labour movement and supporting partners of the Civil society Coalition to mobilize the Nigerian working class, the youths and the critical mass of the poor suffering people of Nigeria across religion, ethnic and political affiliation divide to ensure that Chapter Two of the Nigerian constitution is justiciable. A move in this direction will serve as a precursor to a mass based revolution from below to emancipate and liberate the poor suffering masses of Nigeria.

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