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Chief Abdulsallam Made a Debut Appearance at Committee of Chiefs

The Ogah Attah and Onuh Igala, Karu, Chief Alhaji Abdulsallam made a debut appearance at the Council of Igala Chiefs of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja and environ.

While presenting his appointment letter to the Ogah Attah and Onuh Igala, Abuja, Chief James Alabi Okaye, Chief Abdulsallam expressed happiness for being welcomed into the midst of Igala Chiefs and reiterate his commitment to ensuring the progress and well-being of all the Igala people, promoting their cultural heritage wherever they are and fostering peaceful coexistence with their neighbors.

While commenting on the presentation of the appointment letter, Ogah Attah and Onuh Igala, Karu local government, Nasarawa state,  Chief Dr. Yunusa Ali said that the appointment letter is a prerequisite and an authority from Attah Igala as being an Ogah Attah and/or an Onuh Igala of a particular place.

Chief Dr. Yunusa Ali said that, “This letter you are talking about is a normal thing. In fact if you are not given this letter, you don’t have any authority. I was coronate in Karu local government of Nasarawa state. I was given same letter to give to our Emir there, the ICDA, the Commissioner of Police and I have my copy.

“So, that is the same letter he presented to us. There is no need to waste time debating unnecessarily on this. This is a letter of authority from Attah Igala himself.” Chief Yunisa continued.

He also said that, there was a confirmatory call from the Attah Igala’s palace confirming if there is another Karu in Abuja, or he (Chief Abdulsallam) is an impostor, when he submitted his application to Attah Igala.

“I received a call from the Attah Igala’s palace asking me if the Karu of which I govern is the one he is claiming and I answered that my own karu is in Nasarawa state.” He continued.

“He also asked me if there is another Karu in Abuja, and I answered that there is of course another Karu along Karu-Jikwoyi-Karshi axis.”Chief Yunusa continued.

King T.J. Bala entertaining an audience of Igàlá Chiefs in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, recently.In his comment, the Igala Cultural Development Association, ICDA Chairman, Shuaibu Muhammed Kabir Ebiojo express satisfaction towards the first outing of Chief Alhaji Abdulsallam Tijani Musa.

Kabir said, “Today I am very happy as I thanks the entire people of Karu Jikwoyi for unopposed election of our chief. I am also happy because not only is it that today is the first time our newly elected chief is attending the meeting of the entire Onuh Igala of the FCT and environ, he was also well received into the committee of Igala Chiefs within the FCT, Abuja and environ.

“We thank God for the gift of our new chief. First of all he is well-known and he knows people. He is fully worthy of the Ogah Attah and Onuh Igala that is bestowed on him.

“Thank God, we elected the right candidate as our chief as we know he is going to rightly represent the interest of the Igala people of not only Karu Jikwoyi but also Abuja especially and the entire Nigeria as a whole.

“And I am using this opportunity to ask our people to come and celebrate him on the 5th April, 2018, at LEA primary school, Jikwoyi phase 1. Come one come all.

“My message to the entire Igala people is that the time is here for us to come together in unification. The time is here for us to leverage on our population. The time is here for us to speak in one voice. Through our chief Abdulsallam Tijani Musa that the Igala populace is a force to reckon with.

“I am very happy once again that Chief Abdulsalam is somebody that is capable of leading the Igala people to the promise land.” He concluded.

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