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Igala People are The Most Peaceful on Earth, Unity is the Panacea to Progress and Development – Abdulsallam

Alhaji AbdulSallam Tijani Musa

Alhaji AbdulSallam Tijani Musa is a strong member of the Igala Community in Jikwoyi, FCT, Abuja who have tried to unite the whole of igala people of jikwoyi. He is also a strong contestant to the vacant stool of Onu-Igala, Jikwoyi, FCT, Abuja. In this short chit-chat with our Managing Editor, Abdulrahman Obaje, Abdulsalam while asserting that Igala people are the most peaceful people on earth sends a strong message of unity to the whole of Igala people wherever they may be.

The excerpt:

I am Abdulrahman Obaje, the managing Editor of Informavores Nigeria Communications Enterprises, May we meet you?

My name is Alhaji Abdulsalam Tijani Musa, an Igala by Tribe from Kogi State.

In the recent past we have seen your activities and how you are trying to pull the whole of Igala people around Jikwoyi together, and now there is strong indication that you may become the next Onu-Igala of Jikwoyi. What are your plans for the Igala People in Jikwoyi?

Well, the truth is that beyond the Igala chiefs, the unity of Igala in Jikwoyi, karu chiefdom under FCT in Abuja in Nigeria and the Igala in totality in the whole world, the unity, it is my concern, which have been our paramount agenda from day one. In as much as my great-grand-father, Ayegba Omidoko decided to personnally send one of his beloved daughters to the grave alive for the unity of the entire Igala, then I don’t see any reason why wouldn’t I as the great-grandson would not stand up to say that there should be unity among the Igala in the whole nation, not only in Jikwoyi as the case may be.

As a matter of fact, it pains me so much, dearly to my heart because I believe that world that is no unity is tantamount to people losing their rights most especially the country that we are. The Government of the day believes in unity, believe in forum, the people coming together to make love, make peace and take their justice and fairness and equity and that is why I take it upon myself that been it whatever, I will try and play my part within the power in me by the Almighty Allah to bring my people together and not only my people, whoever is the ethnic group living around the place I am and make sure I create the unity among them. This is my feeling to make sure that my people are united. That is the major aim of coming out to say, I want my people, I want my people, I want my people, is all about the people and it is because of the love I have for my people.

Also, beign a political actor, can you tell us briefly about your political career?

Well indeed it is a generational activity, because my late father was a politician, a power politician from NPN from Benue state down to Kogi State before he became a late person today. And equally you can’t send it away from you if it is in you and most especially when people need you to be.

I have been a partisan politician from Benue to Kogi and down to FCT today. By the grace of God I belong to the current ruling party, which is APC All Progressive Congress of Nigeria and by the grace of God I am an ex-officio in the party and by the grace of God, I was the chairman APC North-central Forum comprising of 7 states of the North-central currently. So and by the grace of God I am a national stakeholder in APC in FCT today.

So that is my little title as far as APC is concern at the moment.

If eventually you become the Onu-Igala of Jikwoyi, how is it going to affect your political career vis-a-vis chieftaincy?

Well, the chieftaincy activities that you also know has politics. It has politics, there is politics in it. It wasn’t those days of chieftaincy affairs that people feel that or when you become chief, you don’t have time to do this or do that. In-fact with the experience we have so far, whoever become the Governor today, whoever become the chairman today, whoever become the minister, the president politically were made from the chiefs. The chief made them to be, because they are like the owner of the kingdom and you want somebody to help you to rule it.

I don’t know if you understand it . Go by the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria, otherwise, the chief would have been the Governor of his land. But in other words, traditionally, he is the landlord. You are just the subordinate to him. So, Why would that even affect? Instead what would create more value to my chieftaincy. Because the experience I have politically, I would definitely utilize it on my people.

I don’t allow my people to be marginalize and I don’t allow my people to be cheated. Because in and out is all what I know from A to Z. I should know their right so long as I have been a politician and I know the way to play my politics.

So, it would not clash, the chieftaincy affairs is all about leading my people and being in government politically is all about leading your people. So, I don’t see any differences between all I need to do is to create a justice and create a play level ground that I could be able to carry the whole thing along.

One of the major problem of humanity is unity, how do you intend to unite the whole of Igala people in Jikwoyi?

Well, people could call it a problem, but I personally as an Igala person does not call it a problem. It is understanding. There are two different things over there – understanding each other is quite different from the problem issues – I take it from understanding. What are the understandings? An average Igala person does not wants cheating, an average Igala person does not wants insults, an average Igala person does not wants criticism, an average Igala person does not wants you to take over what belongs to him. The believe in equity, they believe in justice, they believe in fairness. So, all I believe is that I have to stand upright to make sure that I create justice and fairness and give a right equal justice to everybody. There is nothing more. My people are very easy to deal with, they are the most, in fact peaceful people all over the earth. In fact check out the history from then till this very moment you will never find anywhere being warriors. If the warriors come around us, hence the nemesis goes after them. So we are peaceful. There is no where you will see an Igala person that is not peaceful. From the history down to this moment, you’ve hearing about troubles in Nigeria here and there whatsoever, is there any other troubles in my land? There is no any trouble in Igala land, being it politically or regionally, which ever it is.

So, I must create a room and there is even going to be a room, there is nothing more than equity and justice, that’s all, and with that, an Igala person is good to go.

What is your message to the people?

Well, it is not the new language, it is not the new message. The only message is: Me ya ka dama to du udama ohun jeun owo agbane ya a fe I. Udama ohun shu uyongba Igala I. We don’t have any other thing than let us come together and be one. The more we speak one voice, the more we move forward and that is just the only message I have to tell any Igala person and wherever they are, there should be that unity. There should be that unity, that is the message to them. With unity they can go a long way. Nothing more than that and it so easy to create the unity. It is just you being the leader that you need to be upright. Do the justice and fairness, everything would go peacefully. That is what I have to tell the whole Igala people.

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