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Herdsmen : Women, Youths Group Threaten Nation-wide Protest over Killings

Women,Youth,Peace and Security Network( WYPS-N) coalition of  woman and youths across tribal and religious divides, has threatened  to protest across Nigeria if the spate of Fulani Killings continue.

The  group made its position known on Friday at a brief conference in Abuja.

Mr Andy Iji, the Spoke person of WYPS-N ,said that it was imperative for the youth and women group to speak up as they are the most vulnerable in times of security challenges.

“The continued killings of innocent citizens in cold blood across Nigeria has given us  sleepless nights as a body whose duty is to speak on behalf of women and youths on issues concerning peace and security.

“Few weeks ago we saw how over 70 dead bodies were driven round Makurdi town as if it was a carnival, and there are reports of other killings across the country since then.

“That massacre was preceded by reports of killings in Kaduna, Taraba, Delta, Ondo, Rivers and many other places.

“There is hardly a day without an attack on Nigerians, and women and children are mainly the victims.

“We hereby give four weeks to the Federal Government to take proactive measures towards a lasting solution to this menace or we shall mobilize peaceful mass protest of women and youths across Nigeria,” he said.

Iji argued that since  those killing and maiming Nigerians were not ‘ghost’, security agents should be able to bring them to book.

He noted that the incidences of herdsmen and farmers clashes across  Nigeria was alien as both parties had lived together peacefully in the past years.

He therefore urged  the Federal Government to do everything possible to unravel the mystery behind this unabated killings of Nigerians,especially rural dwellers.

“We have heard some of our security agents  saying that the killers are not the Nigerian herdsmen.

“Yes that is what we want to believe, because we love the Nigerian Fulani herdsmen and we patronize their businesses and respect them.

“However, what is the federal government doing to protect us from this external aggression and invasion of our communities by these killers from foreign land .

“We are profoundly disappointed with the inability of the government to protect lives and properties and we are sad and sorrowful,” he said.

The group therefore urged the police and other government owned security agencies to be proactive instead of reactionary to security threats and also make efforts to arrest and prosecute the killers openly and promptly.

Representative of the   Association of Youths and Students Peace Ambassadors in Nigeria, and that of other women and youth bodies were also present at the event, and they aligned themselves with the position of WYPS-N

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