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Book Review: In The Struggle

In the struggle

Book Title: “In the Struggle”

Publisher: OJ Digital Press

Number of Pages: 158

Year of Publication: 2016

Reviewer: Adefolarin A.

Olamilekan (Political Economist & Development Researcher)


Tel: 08073814436, 08134232272

The book “ In the Struggle” was written upon a set character “Ojireto” experience revealed through self-knowledge. One striking object that informs this character set, reminisces through perspectives of struggle, and the cross lines of struggle. Moreover, all these were accessed through the revolutionary task of Marxism.Indeed, this book remains a retrospect that undertakes an early life of the set character “Ojireto” and how he came in contact with Marxist Socialist Ideology.

While the book may incite a controversy, going by its title from a radical intellectual. The title also serves many purposes because it can be distinguished from others of its kind on organizing, mobilizing and revolutionary change advocacy available. In that ,it is written primarily for activists, labour leaders,students,women and concerned citizens who desire genuine change.Althuogh, the set character of the book life’s experience reflects on perspectives on salient social issues abound in the society. One thing I found very interesting is that this book was written from the stable focus on Marxist’s philosophy. So, in Karl Marx words “philosophers have interpreted the world in various ways- the point, however is to change it” This quotation speaks more of this book and what it intends to achieve.

From, the preface,acknowledgement,dedication,revolutionary quotes, prologue, and commentary are loaded with insightful, salient and proactive thoughts that march the current debates and emergence,internationally,of a whole new generation of activists position towards struggles. The author did proved his worth by clarity of his application of Marxism to exploit the essence of struggle.

The book contains six chapters with thought provoking topics, cutting across socio- economic and political issues that informed the book character “Ojireto” revolutionary struggle in life. Each of the chapter is detailed with profound analysis, apart from the story non-fiction approach. To this end, the story line collaborates what real life struggle encompassed. For instance, Chapter one- “in retrospect” exposed the early childhood experience and contradiction that goes with it, as Ojireto becomes victim of his own society ills.

The odyssey” appears in chapter two, accounting for Ojireto city life and adventure in journalism, all these picture on zeal, vision and determination to succeed against all odds. This is to serve as succor from the impact of what life gives when we fail to struggle. Chapter three examined “another vista” placing before Ojireto a foothold in journalism career in Lagos. While his ideological horizon was been shaped through networking and contact with like minds.

Chapter four-“revolutionary inclination”, detailed an account on Marxist socialist ideology teaching and training preoccupying Ojireto minds. This idea incubation strengthen his foresight in advocacy toward reawaking of Pan-Africanism Consciousness among African Youths. The author bright understanding of capitalism did expose his intellectual radicalism on the subject of struggle and confrontation demand between social classes, and the question of which class rules.” “The quest for power” was chapter five discussions that point to the lead foundation for Ojireto setting himself up with a platform “Generation for Change Africa”. An advocacy non-governmental organization (NGO). With this platform, he hopes to bring a desire change to his society.

The Dawn of reality” is what chapter six entails, with focus on 2015 general election and the “change mantra”. The election year serve as a chance to experiment Ojireto political organizational skill. In relevance to promoting the enforcement of patriotism and state promotion of moral and ethical conduct in a heterogeneous society Ojireto lives. However, “The War within” an epilogue that discussed some fundamental exposition on human consciousness, putting to task personal or collective identity was in addition. Also, the author’s “perspective on broad national issues cover through some interviews conducted and articles published in national newspapers are readers delight .Lastly, is the glossary of topic word in the book; “struggle” and the class dimension of struggle.

For my part in reviewing the book was shaped through this way, first the language: the author‘s language is in contrast to most book of its kind. While his, was straightforward as possible. Secondly, the focus : the author focuses on the relevance of struggle having in mind the various social issues and it pertinent to Marxist socialist revolutionary ideology.Thirdly,the structure: the book does not oversimplify what all the issues entail, but did clearly made it accessible for his readers understanding. I think a basic grasp of the concept struggle, which is widely misrepresented and misunderstood, is necessary for the understanding of those involve or interested in taking to the streets and be able to increase and clarify their understanding of Marxism. If this book reaches a tiny fraction of like minds; it will achieve a maximum catalyst in the “STRUGGLE”.

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