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Security Is the Opium of any Nation’s Progress – Chidi Ewurum….Says Call for Nigeria ‘Breakup’ is Spiritual

Dcg. Chidi Ewurum (rtd), serves in the Nigerian Civil Defense and Security to the level of Deputy Controller General

The Dcg. Chidi Ewurum (rtd), serves in the Nigerian Civil Defense and Security to the level of Deputy Controller General until recently when most senior officers have to give way to the appointed CG among the junior ranked officers by the Federal government; in this encounter, the security expert mirrored the Modus Operandi of his private security outfit, Multi-Eye Security and Management Company Ltd, its impact on national development as he calls on government to dialogue with ‘breakup’ agitators as a security measure to prevent external invasions.

He spoke with Omosola Akingboye at the company Headquarter in Abuja.

As a security expert, what do you think are factors responsible for the prolonged war against insurgency?

There is a proverb in my place that if you shoot an antelope and it dies, and you did not take delivery of the body immediately and the neck stiffens, it will be very difficult to straightens it; reasons English people normally says that prevention is better than cure. Every crisis has the process of development, which is why those in the areas of leadership require receiving good knowledge of education. Leadership in Nigeria is becoming all comers affair, book should be meant for those who know the value. The issue of security in the country did not come out like a volcanic eruption. The security of Boko Haram, militancy and what have you all had warning signs, but it was not address at the grassroots.

Which way out?

We are no longer talking about how to prevent it, but how to cure it, there should be a collective responsibility, and all hands should be on deck. One, there should be that consciousness of seeing ourselves as one, and there should be equity, fairness and justice. Leaders should not see themselves as owing the entire system and all of us must come together to proffer solution to how to live. Two, certain security don’t have the equipment to prosecute certain combat against insecurity. I was the head of operation in the Nigerian Security and Defense Corp (NSDC), I do know that we don’t have the facilities proper surveillance in terms of vandalism, so fighting security is very expensive, and where you are lacking necessary equipments, you must climb above the limit to do the ordinary, so fighting insecurity requires money.

Agitation is adjudged to be a civil thing, what is your view on the recurrent agitation for secession and its attendant quit notice?

Most people who make more noise are those who do not know how Nigeria was found. The problem of Nigeria is spiritual protest by the founding fathers of this country, some suffered, some pass through hell to have this country; today, those who were not even born are now looking for a way of disintegrating and disorganizing the system. And when the equilibrium of a system is disrupted, things will not go well. Some of this problems that are coming up on secession are spiritual because of the annoyance of the founding fathers, the Abubakars, the Ziks, the Awos, the Sadaunas, Enahoros and the rest of them.


If we have any external invasion today, we might suffer a huge loss due to lack of unity and coordination, Nigeria should be more careful, even some of the neighboring countries can insult Nigeria because they know Nigeria is not at peace. There should be a spirit of concession in Nigeria, where not everything people say you react to as a government. The best thing is to give way for dialogue and not to be compromised, in everything dialogue is the solution. My appeal is that leadership of the country should use dialogue in solving the pending crisis among the ethnic calling youths. We are not developing on all this, war is a respecter of nobody, so together we stand, divided we fall.

From your vantage point of view, how will you juxtapose the current ongoing clarion call for Nigeria restructuring?

Why I wouldn’t want to comment on the restructuring issue is that, every dick and harries talk about restructuring. Every commentator in Nigeria today has become an economists on economic situation, including those who did not go to school, and that is why people like us don’t feel comfortable, and am aware that experts have made comments on restructuring, and every now and then you see confusion on how to fix economy. People should give restructuring an operational definition, so that we know where we are going, some of the commentators don’t know what restructuring is all about. The Acting President should fish out experts, those who know their onions, to come and give us an operational definition. Some look at devolution of power as part of restructuring, of course it can be, restructuring is not a concept that can cause confusion in the country, but people overheating the country through restructuring, including those who are for and against which is not suppose to be, everybody does restructuring even in our homes. Either you change constitution and introduce another one, it is still a restructuring, so let us stop the hullabaloo on restructuring and face reality.

Dcg. Chidi Ewurum (rtd), serves in the Nigerian Civil Defense and Security to the level of Deputy Controller General
Dcg. Chidi Ewurum (rtd), serves in the Nigerian Civil Defense and Security to the level of Deputy Controller General

APC recently constituted a ‘True Federalism Review’ Committee in line with the wakeup call for restructuring; do you consider this a step in the right direction?

That is not a very good committee, it should be committee of expert, even at that, what is true federalism, you see we are quarrelling with concept here, when you conduct a research, you should know our scope and the significant of what you intend to do. Anyhting you are doing must have objective, provided is in the interest of generality of Nigerians. As far as I am concern, Nigeria is an entity if well organized.

Are you saying the APC’s plan should not be a replacement for restructuring?

The issue of restructuring is not a party affair, parties don’t make country but produce leaders, and there would be confusion when you look at it from the point of political party. Having said that, I will like to enjoin the Acting President and the President that, I don’t see anything crazy about restructuring. But we need to define it within the content that we have. So APC should come out with the template if they have such plan for a genuine restructuring, the situation in the country is still at infancy and informative stage but can be managed better if not delayed. It is good to have a larger population, and within that population, there must be equity, fare play and justice.

What is your view on the Comeback or Resign Call on Mr. President, though on Medical Vacation?

That one is political, though I will like to reserve my comment, but those that are involve in that protest are the youths, I would not say what they are saying is right or wrong, but I will like to remind those managing the affairs of this country should recognize the fact that we are in democracy, and in democracy there is absolute freedom. But that does not suggest that every freedom is absolute. Every freedom has limitation. The caution I have to give there is that, we are to look before we leap. In the areas of sickness, anybody can fall sick, but whatever is provided in the constitution should be obeyed, though I will not go through the constitution to know whether President should resign or stay, but legal practitioners are in the best position to tell us, but not without reference to the constitution when the need arises, at the end of day what we need is better Nigeria.

Tell us about your establishment. What is Mult- Eye Security and Management Consult Ltd is into, your aims, objectives and modus operandi?

It is the issue of national security that made me to establish this company, so that we could play our own role. We are going to the promise land, though Moses could not get there but Joshua did. I found out that most security companies being floated around, large percentage of them don’t know what they are set to do.

What are you doing to contribute?

Having being a regulator of private security company, I did a research on Private Security company regulation. So I am not doing what I don’t have knowledge of, this is the first paper on private security company regulation in Nigeria by Civil Defense, those in the War College including those in the Security School in Bwari comes here to collect it as part of their research work. This is because we really want to give a clearer definition of what the private security company is. If Nigeria organizes private security company vey well, the idea of asking professional security operatives to follow individual about would not be there. The conventional security has defined function and responsibilities. If the private security companies are well organized, they will solve many problem, they will reduced the responsibility of the conventional security outfit have in our country.

What other areas are you functioning?

We are into oil and gas; we are into financial institution, educational institution, maritime including installation of security gadgets. These days, security is no longer the matter of population or individual issues alone; it has become a matter of technology and good strategy. More importantly, Multi-eye Security and Management Consult Ltd really want to change the system from the way it needs o done, having come from that sector as a professional, whatever I do here is that every statement made or move is security, I know it and I know it very well according to the international best practice with the appropriate technology, which will help in complementing the services of conventional security such as fighting terrorism, corruption, fraud, criminality and rest of them.

What is the size as of now?

It is a young organization but e are making a head way right now. I realized the government cannot solve the problem of unemployment alone and come terms with the fact that we have to assist the government in creating job opportunities. It is not for a serious profit making really, but a call to assist the nation, to take the youths out of the streets. When you are gainfully employed, no one can tell you to go and carry bomb. so one cardinal objective of this organization was to change the private security business to meet with the international standard that will complement what the conventional security agents are doing. We can also be engaged on meaningful national assignment towards reducing restiveness, and criminalities in our society. That is our objective, including organizing lecture, seminar an manpower development for agencies and the rest of them.

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