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DNA Result Allegedly Reveals Igbos are not Jews

Contrary to earlier reports that Igbos were revealed to be Jewish descendant based on alleged DNA results read in Nnewi, Anambra state, they are not.

According to reports, the international president of the Jewish Voice Ministries, Rab­bi Jonathan Bernis, said the results of the DNA samples taken in Nnewi returned negative.

The members of the Re­deemed Israel Commu­nity of Nazarene Association (RICON) had reportedly gathered at Uruagu, Nnewi, hoping for a positive result. The results were reportedly read by Rabbi Bernis, from a laboratory in Houston, Texas USA.

He said the 124 saliva samples taken from some random people in Igboland didn’t match the ones found in the laboratory’s database. Rabbi Bernis and RICON president, Bishop Ignatius Orizu (JP), maintained that this revelation doesn’t however stop the claims Igbo people have to Israel, as more research would be done.

About 5 months into the quest to find out if the Igbos of Nigeria are actually descendants of Israel, with Jewish scientists visiting Nnewi in Anambra state to trace their ancestral lineage, some sort of conclusion has been reached.

Informavores! earlier reported that there were claims that a DNA result brought by the Jewish scientists revealed the connection between the Israelites and south-eastern Nigerians. New information obtained reveals otherwise.


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