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The Metamorphosis of Boko Haram
The Metamorphosis of Boko Haram
The Metamorphosis of Boko Haram

The narratives of the Islamic extremist group known as Boko Haram is replete with mendacity, hypocrisy, hate, violence and misanthrope inclination. In the very beginning like earlier religious sects bent on radical reform of the mainstream body, it was rhetoric.

The contradictions arising from the ambiguity of what the sect’s main intent, vision and mission were staggering . Non-Muslims in the North and other parts of the country didn’t know. Main stream Muslims in the North and other parts of the country didn’t seem to know either.

Feelers from some analysts in the North was interpreted to mean a conflict between Islam and Secularism. While some observers from the stronghold of the dreaded sect in far away Eastern Nigeria have contrary views. They want Nigeria and the whole world to understand the concept of Boko Haram. They asserted that many people do not understand the real meaning of Boko Haram.

They argued that people should accept the reality as they speak out. The concept of Boko Haram according to them has a deep meaning and what it means is; ‘those who have acquired Western Education have failed to come back to their respective communities to help their people’.

The essence of their western education therefore is useless, the meaning continued. This is actually the meaning of the word ‘Boko Haram’. It is not just anti-Western education rather those who have acquired it, but did not give back to their communities.

These observers argued further that if those Western Educated Muslims had enhanced their people through empowerment, there wouldn’t have been discontents culminating in later day metamorphosis. The insurgency dimension of the sect was thrown up by age long disconnect between beneficiaries of Western values, education and opportunities and those who have not. Hence, the stage was set for a radical change in status quo through religious fundamentalism.

This opening chapter in the narrative was the peep into the unknown as what started as a reform assumed a dramatic twist. The hypocrisy of religious and cultural purity began to expand its frontier into politics of hate, fear, violence and egregious destruction, looting and blood letting. Onlookers who are trapped in the senseless orgy of mass murder in the name of religio-cultural purity looked in awe. The masterminds of this primordial sentiment inspired by hate and fear have refused to tell Nigerians their ulterior motives. This posture that bothers on secret pact with international networks of criminal groups leaves the state and hapless citizens to speculate what next. The salient question begging for answers today is: when did the sect metamorphosed unnoticed by the state security community?

If a movement that started disguised as being advocate of religio-cultural purity dramatically became violent by terrorizing a whole region and bearing its fang at the entire country, then the state was caught napping. How can one explain the extermination of the very people they professed pity for? Those whose condition inspired them to advocate a re-orientation from Western values are not spared. They cannot distinguish their real targets as the onslaught continues. This lack of sincerity in their underlying motives betrays their holier than thou posture by indiscriminate blood letting and hardliner Islamic world view.

This is purely a war being waged on a sovereign state by external powers waving the symbols of old religio-cultural identity. They of course are adept players in troubled waters in every part of the world to destabilize the state and foster rogue regimes through their puppets.


Com. Ogbu Alexander Ameh writes from Abuja (08184854985,

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